“A man could spend his whole life searching for the perfect petal and it would not be a life wasted”

It’s Monday night and I am sitting by the PC writing to you as I always have for 20 years. I will turn 65 in a couple of months, and I thought that I would leave you with something of myself.

When my parents were alive, my father passed away in “88” and my mother 51 weeks earlier, on my birthday, in their years, I would fix a fancy dinner for them, steak, potatoes, corn on the cob, sometimes shrimp on the side. It always gave me great pleasure to do this as there was always so little that I could give them that they didn’t already have or need. I believe that was the way it was with our family. They asked very little of us all so it was always a joy to do something for them. Of course they are gone and they only reside in my memories now. But what memories, what joy, especially the last few years of their lives.

burning candle animated gif pic

A guiding light.

After years of working as an engineer with all sorts of hours and places, I had finally settled down in to one place. Oh, I still worked in engineering, I just viewed my hours differently and limited my travel. Some years before, Sally and I had just purchased this rather old home and were getting ready to live a more normal life, well somewhat normal. My father helped me rebuild the front porch while Sally and Mom watched us work. Afterwards dinner and conversation were always the last course. After years of being a wee bit afraid of my dad, I learned how to make him laugh and how to tease both he and Mom.

I do miss those times.

In secret my father was a John Bircher; Sally’s dad had talked my father into going to a couple of meetings back in the 70’s when I was tooling around Southeast Asia. Later he took me to several, and while I was not hooked, I was heavily influenced by their political thought process. I am still a card carrying member of the organization which I hold in high regard. You will find their influence in many of my writings.

My mother was not concerned by such things. She believe in good and righteous living and taught us freedom of thought and independence. Most of all she taught us determination. The will of God combined with the will of man can change a great many things.

“Perfect, they are all perfect….”

I know that most still search for the meaning of life or the directions we should travel as a nation, as a state, or as a city, but more importantly, the life we travel as individuals. I am sure we are all looking for the checkpoints that should lead us in the proper compass heading. But we are searching in vain, because those candles, those markers have always been with us, guiding us to where we should be, what we should be looking for, God left them with us. He put us in their care.

So my gift to you. May you be blessed with many happy days and may remember the lessons of your parents. They could never steer you wrong.

“Semper Fidelis”

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