Has Dan Reaves of WNWS Gone Too Far?



We, at The Jackson Press, thought that it might be nice if you saw this. We received a letter this weekend in regards to statements made be Reaves that upset some. Of course being radio, if you are not listening at that particular moment, you more than likely didn’t hear this. However some did.

If you know Reaves and his support for causes that tend to be left in nature, this shouldn’t surprise you. Now, we are not supporting the removing of Reaves’ arms or legs… just a kind word of adjustment from MGT would be nice….. I mean WNWS has treated others with greater severity for a lot less.

I thought you gentlemen needed to see this. These irresponsible liberals put people’s lives in harm’s way and they need to be exposed.

Share this with others. Maybe Mr. Lax can tell his listeners about them.

Jeff Williams
Blue Lives Matter

101.5 Management,

If you let Dan Reaves keep on accusing our law enforcement of being crooked and policing for profit. If you let him keep getting these crazy listeners riled up against the law enforcement community and if he doesn’t stop acting like a baby every time he gets a parking ticket then you are going to have to take my foot out of his ass!!!

We get it. Mighty mouse thinks he is special and above everyone but he is not. I dont care how high and important he thinks he is or if he thinks he is funny. You all need to stop it now. Enough is enough. He tells others how he grew up with his two fists of steel. His 4 foot self better shut up or or he is gonna get those arms ripped off and get beat with them.

Really now. Enough is enough. The people are fed up and if you ever want all the listeners back that you have been losing you will stop letting him make up things just to get people stirred up.


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