Above The Crowd

Many will say to Me in that day, “Lord, Lord, have we not . . . done many wonders in Your name?”Matthew 7:22

When the steeple of a local church caught fire after being struck by lightning, firefighters had a difficult time putting out the blaze. The crew had to haul heavy hoses up three flights of stairs to save the structure, which was described as tall, windowless, and empty.

I know some people who fit the description of that steeple. They are “tall” in the sense that they set themselves above others. They are “windowless” in that they never let anyone see inside. And they are “empty” because they never allow anything to get inside.

Whenever we set ourselves above and apart from others, we become spiritual firetraps, and one small spark can ignite a devastating blaze. Pride is particularly dangerous because Satan disguises it as good and makes us think we don’t need God. Pride keeps many “good” people from entering heaven. And some who accomplish great miracles in Jesus’ name will one day hear Him say, “I never knew you” (Matthew 7:23). But others who humble themselves are “the greatest in the kingdom of heaven” (18:4).

We have the opportunity to learn the truth that Satan does not want us to believe: True godliness is achieved not by elevating ourselves but by lowering ourselves.

God often uses lowly things
His purpose to fulfill,
Because it takes a humble heart
To carry out His will.

D. De Haan

Those who know God will be humble; those who know themselves cannot be proud.

By Julie Ackerman Link

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