Time To Review

Certainly every man at his best state is but vapor.Psalm 39:5

At the age of 64, British novelist William Somerset Maugham decided that he had better write his autobiography, even though his health was still good. He did so and titled it The Summing Up. But why sum up your life at 64? “An occasional glance at the obituary columns,” he explained, “suggests that the sixties can be very unhealthy.” That may be true, but Maugham survived another 27 years and died at the age of 91.

No matter how young or old we are, it’s good once in a while to review our lives. Where have we been on our earthly journey? Have we been achieving our goals? Are we developing into the kind of people we aspire to be?

Far more important than that, however, is the question of whether we’re becoming the men and women God wants us to be. Are we making the most of the opportunities before us—opportunities to live holy lives, serve others, and glorify God in both words and deeds? Because life is as fleeting as vapor (Psalm 39:5), we would be wise to make the most of our limited days.

We can’t change the way we’ve spent our time in the past. But from this moment on, we can prayerfully and resolutely lay hold of God’s grace and fulfill His will for our lives. We have the present moment-let’s make the most of it!

How much time? We are never sure,
But at least we have today
To seek to do the Master’s will,
In all we do and say.


You can’t save time, but you can invest it.

By Vernon C. Grounds

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