Do you Lie?

We all sin, we all have lied, we all have harmed others when we shouldn’t have, the Lord God knows we have clay feet, but can we be forgiven when we know we have done these things and then continue to do so.

James Frey released in 2005 the number one best selling book, “A Million Little Pieces.” Oprah Winfrey in that same year choose the book as part of a selection of the Oprah Winfrey Book Club. The book is touted as a factual autobiography of Mr. Frey, and his victory over drug and alcohol abuse.

The only problem was is it didn’t actual happen the way the book explained it. Many of the events were created for effect, and never happened. Miss Winfrey rushed to the defense of Frey, saying, “The underlying message of redemption in James Frey’s memoir still resonates with me.” Others also joined in the defense of the book with a “so what” attitude.

Let’s say you are gay and you are hiding it, you fake being strait because the organization you work for requires it. Oh you don’t date women… you see men on the sly…. everyone that is close to you knows it. But its still a lie.

Can you image what harm you do by aiding in the embellishment of that lie; using other lies for your personal gain; hiding the truth from those that trust and follow you; using that lie to extract and use funds?

So the ultimate, key questions are:

  • Does the truth matter?
  • In books and newspapers, politics, should we except embellishments that are not labeled as such?
  • Has much of those elected to represent us as well as the press lost sight of the truth?
  • Has the dollar and power on earth come to mean that much?

Would the truth matter if you are writing a program to process stock options?

Would the truth matter if real-time systems are tested and signed off for delivery to a customer who has a nuclear power plant?

Would the truth matter if an airplane you are in is at 8,000 feet altitude and you are about to fly over the Rocky Mountains?

One of the many reasons that Asian nations are successful is that they have developed high skill in information technology, in medicine and in science… all fields that require (if you want something successful in the long run) … absolute truth. I know this because I work most every day with these same people. They do not lie about what they can do.

Societies as well as governments that abandon truth abandon everything. Societies that embrace it achieve greatness.

As Jesus said, John 8:32 “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”


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