Understanding Parents

A wise son makes a glad father, but a foolish son is the grief of his mother.Proverbs 10:1

Wise children will want to please their parents. First, though, they must understand them. As any teenager knows, parents are tough to figure out. These seven tips may help:

  1. Don’t shy away from speaking their language. Try some strange-sounding words like “Let me help you with the dishes,” or “Yes.”
  2. Try to understand their music. Play “When I Survey the Wondrous Cross” on the stereo until you get accustomed to the sound.
  3. Be patient with their weaknesses. If you catch your mom sneaking a candy bar, don’t jump all over her. Quietly set a good example.
  4. Encourage your parents to talk about their problems. Keep in mind that things like earning a living or paying off the mortgage seem important to them.
  5. Be tolerant of their appearance. When your father gets a haircut, don’t try to hide him from your friends. Remember, it’s important to him to look like his peers.
  6. If they do something you think is wrong, let them know that it’s their behavior you dislike, not them.
  7. Above all, pray for them. They may seem confident on the outside but feel weak on the inside. They need God to get them through these difficult years.

On Second Thought:

These seven tips can work just as well for parents.

Read them again with that in mind.

Then give them a try.

A right attitude toward your family begins with a right attitude toward God.

By Haddon Robinson

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