Yes, The Election is Being Stolen

By Erick Erickson  /   The Resurgent

Texas is now a toss up state. Georgia is too. Utah, the most Republican state in the nation, is now going third party. Evan McMullin is now officially ahead there. Arizona, another seriously Republican state, looks like it is going Democrat too.

Yes, I think it is time to take seriously the accusations that the Clinton machine is stealing the election. There is no way those solidly Republican states should be going Democrat.

The evidence for theft is there.

In August of 2015, a major Clinton donor had a private conversation with Bill Clinton. In that conversation, we can deduce that some level of coordination was taking place.

Fast forward a few months and it turns out Democrats make up significant support for one candidate within the GOP. Of Republican supporters, pollsters determine moderate Republicans, not conservative, are backing him.

All along it seems more and more obvious that Donald Trump was working hand in glove with the Clinton machine. He called Bill Clinton before running. He drummed up Democrat turn out while building hype about Republican turn out. Turns out that Trump is not expanding the GOP and is not bringing in a wave of new voters. In fact, turn out this year is not a record high.

Only 9% of Americans chose Trump and Clinton as the major party nominees. The one is a repeat donor of the other. Trump endorsed Hillary Clinton over both John McCain and Barack Obama in 2008. He has given to her campaign repeatedly. He defended Bill Clinton in the 90’s against Paula Jones, et al.

Trump decided to get into the Republican race, build up an online army of trolls to make it look like he had massive support, then intentionally sabotage the race to hand it to his friend Hillary Clinton.

It turns out Rush is still right. Voters, when given the choice between a Democrat-lite and a Democrat, will always go for the real thing. Between a candidate who supports increasing the minimum wage and implementing socialist healthcare and another candidate who supports increasing the minimum wage and implementing socialist healthcare, the voters are always going to go with the Democrat, not the Republican who supports the same.

The race is being stolen. And the genius of it all is that Trump used Republican voters to steal it from the GOP. Now he is handing it to his friend Hillary Clinton. That also explains why Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton remain very close friends. This was all part of the plan and Trump took advantage of angry voters looking for change.

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