Rachel Dolezal pens autobiography about life as a white black woman

By Ed Straker

Rachel Dolezal, who left the NAACP for being white when she claimed she was black, is now penning an autobiography describing her life as a white black person.

The civil rights activist who provoked anger, mockery and confusion last year after her white parents revealed she had posed as a black woman for years has unveiled a memoir that claims to explore “the discrimination she’s suffered while living as a black woman”.

Rachel Dolezal, 39, resigned from her post as a chapter president for the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People last year, after her white parents revealed that for years she had altered her appearance and hidden traces of her biological family from her life[.]

Here’s a description of her forthcoming book:

What determines your race? Is it your DNA? The community in which you were raised? The way others see you, or the way you see yourself?

With In Full Color, Rachel Doležal describes the path that led her from being a child of white evangelical parents to an NAACP chapter president and respected educator and activist who identified as black. Along the way, she’ll discuss the deep emotional bond she formed with her four adopted black siblings, the sense of belonging she felt while living in black communities in Jackson, Mississippi and Washington, D.C., and the discrimination she’s suffered while living as a black woman.

No one suffers more from racial discrimination than white women who are black.  It’s a pity there was no organization like the NAACCP (National Organization for the Advancement of Caucasian Colored People) or the NAACCCP (National Organization for the Advancement of Communist Caucasian Colored People) she could join.

The Dolezal phenomenon is the exact same thing as the so-called transgendered movement.  If you feel as though you are a girl, then you are.  If you feel as though you are black, then you are.  In this era of affirmative action in nearly every sphere of American life, I would hope that more Caucasian people start to “feel” this way and select minority checkboxes for education, employment, and housing.  Then we can see if liberals are as tolerant of white people getting minority scholarships as they are of boys in girls’ bathrooms.

Ed Straker is the senior writer at NewsMachete.com.

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