Call For Prayer

You all know my strong stand in PRAYER on things in this life.  I prayed for months for the EVIL that controls the Clinton Cartel to be exposed for all to see and Wiki leaks came forth. I prayed for Hillary to be soundly defeated and she was. Since the time Trump was the  candidate to oppose Clinton I have stood in prayer for his safety and for the safely of his family and for Pence and his family to be protected from those EVIL demons whose sole intent was and remains to take them out of the fight.

When I was waking up this morning and beginning my morning prayers it came to me that I need to pray for all these *protests* to be turned into REVIVALS.  We need to be standing against these evil events they call protests and the BEST way for those of us who belong to Christ is to stand together – interceding –  to be in constant prayer for those who are instigating and financing these protests (Clinton Cartel – SOROS- etc.) to be bound and for their finances to crash.  For their efforts to totally FAIL.  All those signs of “He’s not my president” need to be replaced by signs saying, “Jesus Christ in MY Lord & Savior”.  Prayer for those young folks to be changed and for them to SEE how they have been misled by the EVIL entities who are USING them.  The Clinton Cartel has already been exposed for sending out (and PAYING) for the disrupters at the Trump rallies.  It only takes a few main instigators to lead a large crowd because our young folks haven’t been TAUGHT to respect others – they have been indoctrinated by the EVIL in this world and they have been taught that FEELING is better than THINKING.  They have had those instigators circulating on college campuses – spreading  lies –  much like the EVIL instigators back in Jesus’ time when certain trouble makers went thru the crowd hollering out BARABBAS. and soon the brain dead were shouting out BARABBAS as well, resulting in the crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

Please join with me in praying to turn these sorry indoctrinated youth to change their focus – to change these *protests* into a REVIVAL CROWD – calling out for Jesus and turning their backs on the EVIL that is walking among them.  If enough of us do this we CAN turn this into a true REVIVAL across America.

Pray for the financial sources of these protests to CRASH – that the money will no longer be there to finance this activity.  Pray for the MSM to have no choice but to report the TRUTH – no more of their lies and protective cover for the EVIL they have sold out to.  Pray to send those evil spirits into the Pigs on the hill and then they will run to the cliffs and fall to their death.  Let all those in the MSM suddenly lose their voices unless they are speaking the TRUTH. Let them suffer horrific coughing fits on the air if they try to speak their lies.  Pray for the weather to drive these indoctrinated youth off the streets and then when the $$$ disappear for the instigators this stuff will end.

Pray for the safety of the law enforcement officers and the medics who get called to these events.  Surround them with a protective shield against the EVIL that is trying to eliminate them.  Pray for the protection of those who follow Christ and are serving in government offices.  Pray for the removal of all those in government offices who follow other gods.  All those who take money from Planned Parenthood  are serving MOLOCH – the god that unbelievers set babies in the fire of MOLOCH as a sacrifice to EVIL.

I do think that Trump has been sent to give America another chance to turn to God and to return to worshipping The Lord Jesus.  We can join in prayer for REVIVAL or we can suffer the consequences.  It is time to turn off TV and those ball games and turn off those cell phones and spend that time in Prayer for REVIVAL to come to America.  For those who just can’t take their eyes off the TV screen – the Smart Phones – The ball games – understand that you are aiding and abetting the EVIL FORCES because you prefer to give your time and attention to anything other than Jesus Christ.  Understand that you are helping the Clinton Cartel gods and when someone in YOUR family is victim of that EVIL that it was YOU who failed to protect that family member .

Picture in your mind that today is JUDGEMENT DAY and what YOU do TODAY determines your eternity –  will it be in Heaven with God the Father or will it be in The Lake of Fire with Satan?    Will you stand against GOOD and fight for EVIL (Satan) or will you stand for GOOD and stand against the EVIL that roams this earth like a roaring lion, seeking whom it can devour?

What you do or what you ignore  will be for all to see –  If you  haven’t accepted Christ as your Savior then I pray you take care of the now.  The thought of any of you spending eternity in Hell is very hurtful to me.  I want to see you when our new bodies rise to be with the Lord forever and ever.

If you will join with me in this prayer – please let me know.  Just hit *REPLY* and say I will stand with you in prayer for the defeat of the EVIL roaming this earth  Jackie.

In Jesus Name I send this out,

Jackie Juntti
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