The Honeymoon is Over with WNWS 101.5

IS conservative talk radio gone in Jackson, Tennessee or has it just melded into midstream politics.

When WNWS opened for business in the early 1990’s it wanted to build an audience by having local volunteer talent broadcasting daily or weekly mixed in with their signature staff of Bill Way and Steve Bowers starting and ending the daylight day with national feeds like G. Gordon Liddy inbetween. Night sports and more local talent like Reece, rebroadcasts of the day and national feeds meant WNWS was local and conservative and certainly not mainstream politics and mostly a local popular station. After 11 years of growth and a large amount of local trust, the station decided it wanted to control its content… and by doing so become more mainstream.

The station moved from the neo-liberalism of its volunteer staff to make the slow transition to neoconservative stances on a great many issues.

Sports is taken over by neo conservative Dan Reeves.

Bowers drops his afternoon show to take a position with JEA and its overly expensive tax payer funded internet and television system. The bright spot of this was the introduction of George B. to the afternoon program which was highly popular. That relationship ended when George B. decided to not be politically correct and make a few remarks in opposition of the growing political influence of JEA, West Tennessee Health Care, and the Alcohol cartel in the city and county. Since the station ownership demanded control on the messages that were coming out of the station, it could no longer afford an honest tongue. While George’s replacement eventually landed with Keith Sherely, an honest and obedient news director, it lost its bite of real journalism and hence ended the debate of political politics.

Except for the acceptance of conservative Dave Ramsey, WNWS became something like vanilla ice cream, good but not really satisfying.

Apparently this has come to a head.

We, the paper, have been receiving mail that has not necessarily been very flattering of WNWS.

The following letter came to us yesterday:

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

One local media has made it clear they will ignore the will of the people, the listeners, and the customer.  I’m talking about 101.5 radio.

In this election the people spoke that we are tired of the same old thing.  Irregardless of what they are told 101.5 continues to cater to the liberals and the establishment.  During the election it was clear that Dan Reaves and Steve Bowers were clearly supporting Clinton.  Bill Way props up the local establishment and he and Dan are both anti  Christian conservative and anti law enforcement.  Bill and Dan are always complaining about the county and the jail.  Every time Dan gets a ticket or someone looks at him he whines about policing for profit.  Dan really thinks he is a special flower. 

Just look how that group stands with Jay Bush and if Jody Pickens wants to be District Attorney he better take a lesson from Sheriff Mehr and start thinking about what the voters want and stop fraternizing with liberals like Danny Reaves.  That woman on in the morning (Ellen Ratner) with Steve Bowers is practically a socialist but they hang up on Sarge or anyone from the other side.

Do you know why they act and feel like they do?  It’s because no one every tells them any different and they don’t care what the average person thinks.  Who cares I’ll just do what I want to do is there attitude.

Frankie Lax was the last voice that spoke up for real conservatism values.  Bill and Dan are constantly attacking Frankie for his beliefs.  Probably because Frankie had more listeners.

I am going to start telling advertisers as long as they support liberal and establishment radio I won’t be spending my money with them.  I hope you will print this in your news and post on your Facebook page if you have one and maybe others will stand up for real conservative pride.  Unless we do we will keep getting the same thing.  The time for talk is over.

Thank you,

And this one

I’ve asked this before and now it makes sense. Ever wonder how some people do things yet never get caught? A slap-on-the-wrist kind of Justice. I figured out how Mr. Dan Reaves does it. He is little buddy of Jody Pickens Mr. Assistant District Attorney General.

It now makes sense. He has a permanent get-out-of-jail-free card.

Can anyone explain to me a good reason why the assistant district attorney would need a part time job with Dan Reeves doing a Friday high school football game?  I felt bad enough for his sister-in-law Sarah when she went to work there. I figured she wanted to be on the radio and Curtis wasn’t paying her well enough at the bank. What’s next?  Is Mr. Woodall going to start selling advertising for the Jackson Sun?

Danny Boy doesn’t try to hide his crimes. I guess he is not really breaking the law but he is bending it out of shape. He drinks and drives but never has a DUI. Brings his sex offender buddy on to school property. His counselor buddy at West Tennessee Healthcare avoided jail time or losing his job. Why? They all have a little buddy named Danny who is friends with the assistant District Attorney General. And don’t forget his Friday radio co-host the Rock Doc. His buddy with access to pharmaceutical products. You can bet that will never be a problem.

Danny Reaves is above the law as long as he’s the little buddy. I guess that’s why the usj crowd keeps him around.

If Sarah wants to be on television can’t Curtis and the Mayor work something out for her to be on the JEA TV channel?  And if I was Jodie Pickens I put as much distance between me and Shady Dan as I could get. Sooner or later he’s going to be on the other side of the law in court.

And this one:

You are familiar with 101.5 radio station.  They are sponsoring the Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours. It is at _______________. Dan Reaves has been advertising to promote it.  Do you plan on attending and supporting this station and their hosts Bill Way and Dan Reaves?

The last letter was a little out of bounds but you can see the connection between the station and government. It is the general practice that the location pays the expenses for all of this. The arrangements are made by the Chamber and hence they choose the station and work the promotion. They could have choose Froggy 104.1 or someone else. While this is like one super ad for the business, it is also one super paycheck for 101.5. While I cannot blame the business which pays for all of it with dollars or trade, it is in simple terms a business relationship.

Is WNWS completely to blame? No.

Remember the story of Adam and Eve….

Adam and Eve lived in the Garden of Eden. God came and talked to them. There were many trees in the garden. God said Adam and Eve could eat fruit from all the trees but one. It was the tree of good and evil. If they ate fruit from that tree, they would know what was good and what was bad.

Satan seduced Eve by telling her it would make her wise. She would know good and evil. Eve was tempted and ate fruit. She convinced Adam there was nothing wrong and convinced him to try the fruit.

The economy of the United States has changed dramatically with over 10 trillion dollars coming from the federal government alone which doesn’t include spending by state and local governments and those dollars are important to keep a business like WNWS highly profitable. If you should get a chance listen for those government sponsored ads and take a count each day. The number may astound you.

WNWS did not respond to our letter as of this print.

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