Your Health – good or bad is your doing.

Once again  (or is it STILL?) we are being inundated with commercials or as some call it – PUBLIC SAFETY COMMENTS – to get that Flu Shot and then up here in Washington there has been an outbreak of Mumps so the cry is to be sure to get that MMR vaccines – ignoring that most of those who have come down with Mumps have been vaccinated for same.  So much for those poison injections protecting those who get them.

As I often remind readers – Since I began the pH balance way of living I haven’t had so much as a sniffle.   The problem is most folks are to LAZY to do what it takes to PREVENT illness – they prefer instead to eat and drink foods and liquids that create the perfect breeding ground for illnesses and diseases then go to an AMA Dr. to get a  prescription for some CHEMICAL poisons that usually have a ton of side effects.  They still go thru days of not feeling good and it has cost them a bunch of money.  But they could keep eating that junk food to their mouths content…. ensuring they would get that flu or cold or whatever again in a few weeks.

So, let me once again remind readers to check out the following and become FREE of those virus and bacterial illnesses.

#1 –  Get a list of the Alkaline- Acidic Foods (a search on the net will bring up many such lists..
Reduce the amount of acidic foods you take in and increase the amount of Alkaline foods.
ELIMINATE all those soft drinks and other acidic liquids.
Purchase some pH test strips and then USE THEM!!!!

#2 –   Use Colloidal Silver for your anti-biotic rather than those chemical concoctions by Big PHARMA.
There are no side effects from C.S. unless you over use it and the side effects are a blue skin that never leaves.
You can buy it at most all health food stores.

#3 –   Learn how to do muscle testing to see if your body needs this or that
Here are a few links to check out:


Believe me –  these tips – if you make use of them and are honest in using them – will greatly reduce any and all illnesses you will get.
Since I made these things a daily part of my life I have had no “illnesses or sicknesses”.  My main problems that I have to deal with are structural problems – my bones and the stress resulting in knotted muscles.

It is up to each person to individually make an honest decision to get well and remain well.  Each time you put poisons in your system – be it by acidic food and drink or those Chemical Big PHARMA products you are making yourself sick – no one is doing it to you – YOU are the guilty party.

If you really want more information – send me an email and I will try to help you.  But your health – all of it related to anything bacterial or of viruses is up to you to get or to prevent.  You don’ t need a ‘doctor’ to do that for you.

Jackie Juntti
WGEN message board

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