What Do Thy Seek?

“It was for freedom that Christ has made us free.”

Freedom, I mean true freedom has always been purchased with blood. It is only maintained by vigilance.

Christ purchased our freedom from sin and death and with His blood, but we only walk in that freedom according to the vigilance with which we embrace the grace of God, shun the cries of the flesh and resist the works of the devil.

“I have watched good men die believing that they were fighting for freedom and I wept.”

But the Lord God knows we are always tempted.

In this great country we call America; freedom was purchased with the blood of great men who risked life and fortune for freedom. The freedoms they won were unprecedented in other nations and were guaranteed under our United States Constitution. Along with its amendments, certain rights were assured that no one could ever put a lien against. They were unalienable.

That is, of course, unless no one complained when the enemies of freedom put a lien (claim) against them.

So tell me, how often have you stood up against tyranny?

Before men fought battles with guns, cannons and bayonets for our freedom, a smaller group of financially free men wrestled with the ideology behind this struggle.

Great preachers like Samuel West inflamed the colonies with messages like, “On the Right to Rebelusing Romans 13 as his proof text.

The point is that these great men not only knew what they were fighting for, but why.

So Now I Ask You, Do you know what you are fighting for?

“Socialism has one supreme goal: to make everyone dependent on the state and to eliminate risk.”

“Capitalism has one supreme goal and that is profit.”

“Kingdom economics is focused on empowering people to be who God has created them to be.”

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