Tennessee Executive Committee Elections

A friend of mine reminded me that the August 5th elections include races for State Executive Committee Men and State Executive Committee Women for both the Republican and Democrat Parties. Both political parties in Tennessee Executive Committees are the governing bodies.

Since the odds of me voting in the Democrat primary is unlikely, I must take my attentions to State Executive Committee which is the governing body of the Tennessee Republican Party. This committee selects the State Party Chairman as well as our Tennessee representatives to the Republican National Committee.

If you want the Republican Party to represent your conservative values it is imperative that you elect State Executive Committee members who are conservative in nature and who have the experience and ability to make a positive difference.

To help make this point, I might suggest you read the article “Most Powerful Office in the World“. As a Memphis friend said “it’s a bit of an exaggeration” but it makes an excellent argument that we must be involved in the political process if our legislatures are to enact laws consistent with our ideology and our moral and political beliefs.

Since there is very little attention given to these races, it might behoove us to find out a little bit about them.

Tennessee Republican Party

Tennessee Democrat Party

Republican Candidates for State Executive Committee Men

Republican Candidates for State Executive Committee Women

As you will notice competition is non existent within our districts which is our on fault for failing to understand the importance of these positions.

Maybe next time we will do better.

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