The Humane Society of the US $$$$

HumanewatchdogThe ¼ber-wealthy Humane Society of the United States continues to baffle ordinary people everywhere by charging pet shelters exorbitant fees to evaluate their operations. We saw this in March with the city of Dallas, which ponied up $25,000 for what amounted to a spiral-bound report card. And now in the city of Superior, Wisconsin, tempers are flaring over a similar arm-and-a-leg evaluation. HSUS’s “Animal Sheltering” website features glowing testimonials from a handful of what the group calls “our clients.” The City of Superior’s Finance Director is one of them:

We had what I thought was a VERY good meeting today to discuss the report you prepared for us. It has been received very well by the vast majority of individuals who have read it. Jeff and I have met with our City Attorney, Mayor and council leadership and will be working over the next few weeks on identifying who we feel will best fill the role of the task force. Recommendations will be brought forward to the March 16th city council meeting for formal approval…

Keep in mind that this is from a municipal bean-counter, not a shelter professional.

In today’s Superior Telegram, one of those actual shelter experts had his own choice words to offer: The Humane Society of the U.S. report is garbage. The report is full of errors. They only talked with us for two hours. The report is based upon money, nothing about animal care.


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