When all else fails, try lying…

By Rocky Top Politics

“Fake research” from the Haslam Business School generates “Fake News” for the Governor.

Please tell us the crew at RTP weren’t the only ones who noticed this.

When the Boyd Research Center at UTK released their “study” that, unsurprisingly, said the governor’s proposed gas tax is just the bees knees, no one in the MSM took the time to note two very relevant things:

  1. The Boyd Research Center was named after the governor’s recent ECD director, Randy Boyd (who is seeking to follow Bill Haslam into the governor’s office). Boyd gave a piss load of money to have his name put on the center’s door and,
  2. The Boyd Research Center is housed inside the building that has the governor’s family name emblazoned above its door: “The Haslam School of Business.”

Oh yeah, yeah, we know – Randy Boyd probably did not have any input into the “research” produced by the research center that bears his name. And technically, the Haslam Business School was named after the governor’s father.  Picky, picky.  But does anyone in the MSM see the inherent problem with churning out “Boyd Research” from the “Haslam Business School” to defend a tax increase proposed by Bill Haslam?  Or that the people behind the study were some of the same business school professors and the very same Haslam familywho tried 17 years ago to justify a state income tax?  Really?

Whassamatter? University of Memphis doesn’t have a business school?  ETSU not have a business school?  Does MTSU not have a School of Business?  Of course they do.  They just don’t have one whose research center and brand new business building was funded by the governor and his close cronies.

But surely the MSM, who almost completely ignore this conve-e-e-nient connection would report on something like – oh, say — the governor lying about his gas tax?


Last week, Bill Haslam publicly stated there were “no alternative plans” proposed to his Haslam School of Business-endorsed gas tax plan.

“There have not been any other alternatives proposed. No one else has laid out a plan and said ‘This is how we’re going to pay for it.’”

Well, golly gee whillikers, governor: that’s a lie.  And a bald-face lie to boot.

You didn’t even try to “nuance” your statement.  You could have said there were no alternatives you liked.  But you just laid it out there with the apparent hope that the public is too damned stupid to know B.S. when they hear it.  And the MSM dutifully reported it as a stand-alone statement.  Just like they did a week ago when the Governor spit out this beauty:


After 6+ years of being the governor, you would think he would be getting better at the job.

You would be wrong.

If it weren’t for “fake news’ generated by a phony study, the governor’s office would have anything worthwhile to talk about.

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