Fayette County Commission votes No on resolution supporting Governor’s gas tax increase

Special thanks to Kathryn

The Fayette County, Tennessee, County Commission met last night where they discussed a resolution supporting the Governor’s gas tax hike plan but voted it down. The vote was 11 nays and six ayes. Two commissioners were absent.

Some citizens spoke against it and mentioned the fact that the Governor’s plan is indexed for inflation and that a proposal to use existing sales tax was a good alternative. Citizens also mentioned the two-billion-dollar surplus that the state is sitting on.

County commissioners disagreed with the indexing for inflation, with several saying they were not aware of that aspect of the Governor’s proposal. Commissioners also expressed concern over pressuring our state lawmakers to support the Governor’s plan when other options were also on the table. For those reasons, it was voted down.

Other states have tied their gas taxes to inflation,  but some are repealing that practice. In fact, Massachusetts voters “eliminated part of a 2013 transportation law designed to help gas tax revenues keep up with inflation.” http://www.governing.com/topics/elections/gov-massachusetts-rolls-back-inflation-measure-for-gas-tax.html

The Tennessee Fuel and Convenience Store Association (TFCA) opposes indexing and “called the indexing provision a “blank check” for state government.”


Of course, the most problematic part of a gas tax increase is the fact that Tennessee has a budget surplus.


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