July 15th 2010 News

A Special Message To Second Amendment Supporters

Gun Owners of America is backing Sharron Angle in the United States Senate race in Nevada, and we have compiled a list of 42 reasons why Harry Reid MUST be defeated. This is one of the top races in the country and one WE MUST WIN! If any gun owner or sportsman has any doubt if Reid is pro-gun or anti-gun, just read the 42 Reasons to Defeat Reid, then decide. Harry Reid will spend $25 million in his campaign to try and defeat Sharron Angle. I urge every pro-gun American to send Sharron Angle $25. If 1 million pro-gunners across the country do this, she will match Reid’s campaign war chest and WE WILL WIN! So please, click www.sharronangle.com and click on “donate” to make a contribution.


Thank you for your help.


Tim Macy Vice Chairman

Propserity Ends, Diversity Hardest Hit

“One-Thriving Diversity Job Fair Limping Along,” reads the forlorn headline of Ron Stodghill’s column in the Charlotte Observer. Stodghill interviews Jim Carter, of Diversity Hiring Expos, who longs for the good old days when “he could expect a veritable parade of hungry recruiters and job seekers to greet him”:

Carter, 44, wistfully recalls those bountiful days in Charlotte when he boasted a fat file of human resources managers willing to pay handsomely for access to his diverse pool of applicants.

“My pipeline was full,” recalls Carter, who launched his Kennesaw, Ga.-based company in much-headier days of the late ’90s and built a thriving firm offering career fairs throughout the Southeast.

That, of course, was then.

Diversity Hiring Expos, which just three years ago averaged at least 40 corporate recruiters each job fair, will be lucky to lure 20 today.

“We’re working 10 times harder for one-tenth of the response,” Carter says.

Stodghill argues that “any company serious about competing in the global market has learned to embrace diversity, whether it’s in gender, race, age or religion.” A nice slogan, but it’s hard to imagine that companies have suddenly decided they’re no longer serious about competing in the global market.

It would be more realistic to say that “diversity” is a tribute, effectively a tax on employers–the revenues from which are way down in a time of high unemployment. To put it another way, the Obama economy is bad for minorities because it is bad for just about everyone.

The Best of the Web

So Bad It’s Good – Statement 159 Helps Unhealthy Banks Book Healthy Earnings

Straight from the “Only in America” file: Second quarter earnings were so bad…they were great! Yes, dear readers, it’s true, many of America’s largest financial firms are producing such dismal operating results that their reported earnings might actually benefit. Are you confused yet?

Here’s how it works: A bizarre accounting rule that came into existence three years ago allows banks to book profits when the value of their own bonds falls. The tortured logic behind this nonsensical “Statement 159” accounting rule is that a bank could, theoretically, repurchase its bonds at a discount, thereby booking a “profit” between what it could have paid for the bonds and what the bank would have paid to retire its bonds at maturity.

Public Hearing Would Have Made Obama’s Health Care Rationing Czar Unconfirmable, GOP Senator Says

Washington (CNSNews.com) President Obama recess-appointed his new Medicare and Medicaid chief because a Senate confirmation hearing for Dr. Donald Berwick would have made him “unconfirmable”, said Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.). But now the president has what he wanted. What he wanted is a health care rationing czar. And thats what he has, Barrasso added. Berwick has openly advocated the redistribution of wealth as part of a health care plan.’

DON’T PANIC? House Democrats left the White House Wednesday night refusing to divulge details of the meeting, but one thing is clear: Republicans are finding an easy target in the intra-party squabbling. House Minority Leader Boehner is underscoring the tensions at his press conference today. “With all the trouble Democrats are in right now, it was only a matter of time before they took off the gloves. I just didn’t know their targets would be each other,” he said in a statement. “The panic building among Democrats erupted into a full-scale civil war when the president’s spokesman suggested his party could lose the House this fall.” While House Democrats might be “angry” at the White House, he added, they should remember they gave President Obama “every dollar, every tax hike, every ‘stimulus’ program, and every government takeover he asked for.”

LEASING OVERHAUL. The House Natural Resources Committee this morning approved a bill, 27-21, to revamp oversight of oil and gas leasing in response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Sponsored by House Natural Resources Chairman Nick Rahall, the measure would split the Interior Department’s troubled Minerals Management Service into three entities so that leasing, oversight, and revenue-collection operations would be separate from each other. Following a marathon markup Wednesday, the panel also turned back all pending amendments by Republicans, who have argued it is premature to address problems of the MMS before a probe of the Gulf spill is complete. GOP critics also contend the bill includes provisions unrelated to drilling, and many of the Republican amendments sought to delete what they viewed as extraneous items from the measure.

House Speaker Pelosi today publicly sought to downplay any ongoing tension between House Democrats and the White House, and she privately urged her Caucus members to get past their anger over comments by an aide to President Obama that Republicans could win control of the House this fall. Pelosi disputed that she was trying to use the flap over White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs’ comment to get Obama more involved in House races, saying “nothing is different as a result of any comment that was made.”

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