Poland seeks Minnesota man’s arrest on WWII war crime allegations

Michael Karkoc.

Polish prosecutors said Monday that they were seeking the arrest of a Minnesota man, Michael Karkoc, accusing him of ordering the killing of 44 civilians as a Nazi commander in World War II. Prosecutor Robert Janicki said evidence collected during an investigation that spanned years confirmed Karkoc’s identity “100 percent,” although the 98-year-old’s family denied he had ever committed war crimes, calling the allegations “evil, fabricated, intolerable, and malicious.” German authorities investigated Karkoc in 2013 after an Associated Press report identified him as a former Nazi commander in the SS-led Ukrainian Self Defense Legion, which allegedly burned villages and killed civilians in Poland. The German investigation was dropped due to medical documentation showing Karkoc, who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease, unfit to stand trial.

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