The 156 year old “Civil War” cover-up continues! Why?    

Throughout the South the assault on all things Southern continues. Why? The erasure of facts surrounding the War Between the States is the cover-up.

All government institutions, in one manner or another, are involved in this egregious counterfeit revision on the young. The fraudulent activities of the public school systems are the epicenter. Unfortunately, teachers are the purveyors and victims of the same system they are teaching, and they themselves for the most part are academically vacant on this subject, e.g. revisionism, conditioning, propagandizing, lying, taking the place of truth & honor.

The latest salvo launched against all things Southern rolled out of the Arkansas General Assembly stripping Lee from the Lee/King Holiday. Not that this is tragic, but what is tragic are the remarks of the head toxic weed himself, Gov. Asa Hutchinson who reckoned, “I think this does help unify our state”. Apparently the Governor thinks there is a meaningful breech between the black & white races. Explain.

Now to the tragedy, this Bill will have far reaching effects in the following manner. “The Bill also would require that Arkansas Public Schools provide instruction on American Civil Rights Leaders”, of course King would be the center piece. Followed by, “Schools also would be required to provide instruction on Arkansas and the Civil War with an emphasis on civilian & military leadership”, etc.  Just imagine what the Dept of Ed will give them­more untruths to parade.

The lack of factual knowledge by a vast majority of Arkansas public school teachers borders on academic fraud which is being echoed by the Ark. Educational Assn. and the U.S. Dept. of Education­all corrupt to the core.

For all, a civil war is the result of one side trying to seize control of the central government. This was certainly not the case in the war for Southern Independence, again Independence. Both sides, if you are interested, were equally guilty of the sin of slavery, but the government’s 156 year old cover-up continues to prevail. The real Truths of the American Civil War are readily available & eye-opening in the archives in Washington DC & Richmond, VA, and others, not to mention the myriad of scholarly books on the subject such as “The Real Lincoln” by Thomas DiLorenzo­no PC in these writings and documents. The Yankees were a brutal lot.

To Mr. Rizelle Aaron, President of the Ark. Conference of the NAACP, please remove yourself from the scrolls of victimization.  Blacks receive more unearned largesse (set-asides, quotas, and affirmative action), more political power & more freedoms than any ethnic group in the history of man. There are at least 3 Blacks in the Arkansas General Assembly who are well aware of the facts pertaining to the War Between the States.

It seems to me, as a leader in Black society and perhaps other areas, your group would best be served by engaging in genuine philosophical study and conversation that leads to a better quality of life across all fronts. Same should be said for U.S. government & most particularly for politicians & educators to indulge in truth & facts. Then a real free, functional society could be achieved.

Please see my article on this subject on   entitled:

  IN FACTUAL DEFENSE OF THE SOUTH                                           August 17, 2015

Joe McCutchen

P.S. General R. E. Lee was a favorite of both the north & south in 1861­, he earned that reputation through morality, honesty, brilliance, a real educator and always displayed himself as a gentleman. Same cannot said be said for Generals Grant, Sherman, Sheridan, etc.

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