The unintended consequences of goofy hoplophobes anti-firearm rights Democrat moke demands mandatory open carry I like it sorta

This came to us from Jackie 6 years ago and it just made us smile.

The unintended consequences of goofy hoplophobes. Anti-firearm rights Democrat moke demands mandatory open carry! I like it! (Sorta.)

“Hey, I’m all out of 9mm! Let’s go to WalMart.” From

A bill in Louisiana would require sportsmen to show the serial number on their firearms before purchasing ammunition.
House Bill 8, introduced by Representative Juan LaFonta (D- New Orleans), requires any person selling ammunition to verify that the serial number of the gun for which the ammunition will be used has not been altered or destroyed. Only antique and war relic firearms would be exempt from this new requirement if they are rendered inoperable or if ammunition for these firearms is not available in the U.S. and not otherwise readily available through other means.
Essentially, this bill would require sportsmen to take their guns with them to their local gun shop anytime they needed to purchase ammunition. While there, the sales clerk would be required to check the gun�s serial number to make sure it wasn�t altered in any way before selling any ammunition. Sportsmen would have to go through this process every time they want to purchase ammunition. Those wanting to buy ammunition for more than one gun at a time would have to carry every with them to the store to be examined by the sales clerk.

Now let’s say that Louisiana lawmakers are insane enough to try this (which they aren’t, but let’s say). And let’s say that Louisiana firearm owners go along with this offense to God, man and liberty without, at least, shooting Juan LaFonta and sparking a guerrilla war (also unlikely). What then is the effect of this policy?

Why to get folks used to seeing other folks tote firearms on the street.

It is instant, mandatory open carry.

Grandmas carrying shotguns and Boudreau carrying his Barrett Light Fifty.

Hell, I LIKE this idea!

People would get used to other people carrying weapons in the open and would desensitize, losing both fear and interest.

Why if I lived in Louisiana I’d put on my old combat harness, holster my .45, sling my M14S and march right up to Juan LaFonta and thank his confused ass.

If, of course, the first two objections didn’t apply. Which they do. Of course. But, other than being devoid of common sense, constitutionally offensive and an incitement to civil war it is a great idea. Not that Juan LaFonta would think so at the end of the process.

Like granny says, somebody might “Shoot him in his toodles.”

LATER: And if you want to communicate your laughter to the silly man, you make email him at: Babineaux: “Boudreaux, how we gon’ get dis down to Bellefontaine’s Gun shop for to get some ammo?” Boudreaux: “Let’s strap it to a gator.”

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