Why no shelters in tornado areas? The Weekend with Jackie

Being PREPARED for what is coming is just not something most folks have on their minds anymore –  They are more concerned about the ball game scores and who won some Idol show on TV.  How many are preparing for the Coming of Jesus Christ?  How many even think about that EVENT???

I had always wondered why houses didn’t have basements here in the Tornado prone land and learned after living here a short time that the ground isn’t good *basement* building ground.  That
has a big bearing on why no basements.  Then I got to thinking about my desire to have an underground house – or an earth bermed house – one that has the dirt piled up around and over it.  I am sure the initial cost deters many from that and then these folks in Texas love their McMansions to show off to the world they are BIG AND IMPORTANT.  One F3 tornado pretty well brings them all down to size.

And I did hear last night that screams were coming thru the rubble from folks they presume were trapped in shelters that had been covered with the material that was torn apart and tossed on top of the shelters – preventing those inside from getting out.

I am living in a trailer (the bunkhouse) and I hated trailers after living in one early in my marriage – called it a sardine can and said I would never willingly live in one again – well, here I am
so that proves one should never say *never*.  However, there is an in-ground storm shelter out behind this trailer so if things reach that point here I do have a place to get into so that I don’t end up in Louisiana or Arkansas.  I also keep http://www.wunderground.com on my computer when the weather is stormy so that I have a head start on what is coming my way.  If you aren’t familiar with Wunderground – go there and type in the town you are interested in and it brings up that page with the weather info.  Then scroll down that page a ways to the *map*.  Then click on the left side of the map (NEXRAD) and it brings up the radar map – then click on the *animate* link and you can see how the storm moves along and where it is heading.  There are other great options on
this web site but you can explore it for what you are looking for.

Watching the local news stations here in the DFW area has been filled with the pictures of the horrible mess in Moore OK.  I have no doubt that more deaths will be added as they find bodies.  Today promises many more STRONG T’Storms across the same area that was hit so hard yesterday.  Take a look at   http://www.wunderground.com right now and you can see the very large storm in motion and this is early morning –  the storms intensify early after noon due to the heating of the temps and the combination that really stirs up the tornado activity.

If you fail to have a good storm shelter (and the bathtub with mattresses covering you isn’t a good shelter) I certainly do hope and pray that you have prepared for that time after your body dies and
your SOUL is then entered into ETERNITY.

Jackie Juntti

Oh – be sure to scroll all the way to the end of this email and read what Bill Riley sent me last night – how O’BUMMER is going to make an appearance in OK…  that should set your day off with a big smile

Devastating tornado in Oklahoma begs the question: Why don’t schools and families build tornado shelters anymore?

(NaturalNews) A mile-wide tornado with 200mph winds tore through the suburbs of Oklahoma yesterday, killing 51 people and broadcasting a rude reminder of the fragility of human life and human civilization. Here at Natural News, our hearts go out to the family members of those killed in the storm, and we hope some lessons can be learned from this that will save other lives in the

But wait a second, you can’t stop a tornado, right?

Of course you cant. But you can prepare for a tornado, and here’s where we get into a discussion that the mainstream media won’t dare touch because it’s not “politically correct” to have an intelligent discussion about any of this.

But here’s the question we need to ask if we’re going to save lives: How many of those who were killed in the tornado knew there was a tornado warning in place but did nothing to move to a safe shelter? Obviously this question doesn’t apply to all the children who were killed, as they are not responsible for their own actions. (Their parents are.) But how many adults actually took the tornado warnings seriously and sought adequate shelter?

Because here’s the simple, raw, undeniable truth of the matter: People who seek shelter vastly reduce their chances of becoming fatalities during any disaster. Tornados and hurricanes, in particular, come with advance warnings. They aren’t like earthquakes that suddenly appear without any warning at all. Tornados usually give you minutes or even hours of advance
notice. Hurricanes give you days of advance notice.

And yet, even when huge hurricanes are approaching their target, many people deny the danger and take no precautions at all!

From Bill:

Obama will be visiting the Oklahoma Tornado Area tomorrow. He will promise $98 Kabillion in Federal Aid, from all the money he has saved the nation since elected as POTUS. The Homeless from NYC Storm Sandy will not be allowed to attend Local/state Democratic elected official will be instructed to appear on stage with him. The talking points script will be provided with spaces for applause, and spaces for booing at Republicans. Just follow the applause leader on his Ques. News media has been warned not to bring up the IRS, Benghazi, AP wiretaps, Budget deficits, or they will be banned from Whitehouse Press briefings. Local Democrats will be instructed to rent buses to bring enough persons to fill the rented auditorium to overflowing. Cash will be provided to them for Walking Around Money. Signs will be provided so they can be waved on Queue:

We Love Obama, Save us from The Tea Party, etc..

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