It may be too late for justice for Stanley Huggins, but it’s not too late for justice for Seth Rich

From the MidSouth Sentinel


I had written a very generic post about someone on the Clinton Body Count list who I had never heard of in the media and I knew about it from a very good friend of mine who had simply never told me the story. The above post was rewritten with the caveat that I was not suicidal, that I am healthy and not depressed because after I wrote that post, I had a near death experience and it scared me.  Something that seems to happen to a lot of people who have intimate knowledge about corruption related to the Clintons

Fast forward to Seth Rich.

Seth Rich was an IT guy for the DNC. He knew the DNC primary was rigged and he tried to report the truth to the FBI. Can you understand now why Edward Snowden might not feel like going through the proper channels to reveal corruption within the U.S. government?

Seth Rich was murdered for trying to expose corruption within the DNC. It wasn’t the Russians. Is this why the DNC REFUSED to turn over their servers to the FBI for investigation after they found out they had been hacked?

Perhaps they were never hacked. Perhaps they were Seth Riched and the democrats desperately needed to cover this up which is why they created the whole Russian hacking ruse….the truth will out eventually.

On the links posted at the top, I never told the name of the person involved who I think was murdered because of what he knew about the Madison Guaranty scandal.

His name was Stanley Huggins.

25 – Stanley Huggins – Investigated Madison Guaranty. His death was a purported suicide and his report was never released.

He had been hired to lead the Madison Guaranty audit. he had been hired to follow the money. He died the very morning he was to testify in Washington. D.C. on his findings . He had multiple records in different cities that documented the corruption. The records kept at his house disappeared in the week after his death after a very convenient “burglary”. The other records conveniently were destroyed in fires.

Are there other copies of these files still around? Someone thinks so which is why the person I know still lives in fear and if you read my post at the top, you understand they have good reason to live in fear.

​It’s probably too late for justice for Stanley Huggins, may he rest in peace, but it’s not too late for just for Seth Rich.

Wikileaks released text messages between the hacker Guccifer 2.0 and a journalist. He says the whistleblower was Seth Rich and he was murdered….

How much longer can people get away with murder? I’m hoping and praying, not much longer…

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