How to lower your BP *FAST* and how to get rid of snails

As a follow up to my recent health issues I thought I would share some of my *discoveries*.  As most of you know I have this *thing* against going to doctors or hospitals for MY health care.  After all of my early life being closely involved with that bunch and finding that their methods didn’t really make my health better, instead their methods always had side effects with either the *drugs* they prescribed or the surgeries they performed which many had after effects I deal with to this day.

After finding I was allergic to every anti-biotic they prescribed I decided it was time to return to my grandmothers time frame for health care and I went on my still going on search for NATURAL Healing and wellness to deal with my issues.  My first major change and one I use to this day is the use of Colloidal Silver as my ONLY anti-biotic.  Now, I warn you that when you turn to NATURAL use have to make use of COMMON SENSE.  The media made big news about the guy some years back who overdid the intake of Colloidal Silver and his skin turned a permanent blue. He admitted he overdid it but the media ignored that point.

After the most recent of my emergency trip to two local E.R.’s and my long standing issue of my blood pressure – I have been learning of NATURAL ways to lower my BP.  I began taking a Chines herbal called 7 Flowers and it has worked but it still needed some more powerful thing to bring it down further.  What I just discovered this week is how the intake of GREEN TEA and also of BEETS will really bring it down.  So, having a couple boxes of Green Tea bags I began drinking 4 cups a day of Green Tea.  The VERY NEXT DAY my BP readings dropped many points and have remained down in a range I haven’t seen for more years than I can think of.  I also ate a few slices of sliced beets each day…  anxious for the local FRESH beets to be available as I do love beets and beet greens.

If you are dealing with High Blood Pressure please try drinking Green Tea and track how your blood pressure goes down.

I also made a diet change for my lunch for some health heart favorable foods.  I Take a can of either tuna or chicken and mix it with some Mayo.  Then I prepare ahead of time a bunch of chopped green onions, chopped Green bell peppers, thin sliced radishes, thin slice cucumbers, and some precooked Pearl Barley.  I mix that all in a bowl – top it with a small amount of Ranch dressing and sprinkle some ground Flax seed on top and  ENJOY ! ! ! !

All is Alkaline ( in line with the pH balance diet I follow).  I am EATING my BP down and helping my Heart health at the same time.

Maintaining that pH balance has kept me from getting ANY viral or bacterial kind of illness since I began it is 2007 or 8.  My problems lend themselves towards bone and muscle  –  oh and those demonic attacks that have sent me to the ER twice since end of Dec.

Just a reminder to those of you who still are drinking those soda pops (Pepsi – Coke  etc)  My Grampa taught me many years ago that Coke was a substance to always have hand to clean off the dried up acid buildup on the car battery.. and to clean the toilet without any scrubbing… and a few other things that he used Coke for.  Another thing it is good for is as a pesticide.  Put a bowl of it in the garden to kill of those nasty pests that go after your plants.

Snails & Slugs –  we have all used the beer in a dish method but I have a better way to discourage them.  They hate used coffee grounds and they hate dried and broken up egg shells. Be sure to make the trail of grounds and or egg shells at least two inches wide as they

need at least that width to keep them from stretching across it.   I

have most of my life kept a worm bed for fishing – tossing all my used coffee grounds and broken up eggs shells in a easily accessed spot of ground and covered with a board.  I always had a ton of angle works and the ground was always great for potting plants with all the worm excrement in it.  I have never dealt with Snails until where I am living now.  I tried Epsom salt but with all the rain it had to be re applied too often and the salt isn’t good for your planting areas.  I have tried the egg shell and used coffee grounds and I have not found any snails in my potted outdoor plants so it must be THE key to keeping those snails out of my plants.  Since I no longer drink ground coffee I have to beg for the grounds from others.  Why throw it out in the garbage – put it in your garden areas and the soil will become GREAT and the slugs and snails don’t want to cross it.  The egg shells add great nutrients to the soil too.

Now if the used coffee grounds, Crushed egg shells, Green Tea and beets could clean out the SWAMP in WDC then this land would be so much healthier.

Jackie Juntti


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