Gender Committee makes ‘anti-women’ decision

volleyball (women's hands)By Bill Bumpas (

A pro-family leader says a biological male being given the green light to compete on the women’s team in a USA Volleyball-sanctioned event has everything to do with liberal transgender ideology.

USA Volleyball, the national governing body for volleyball in the USA and recognized by the United States Olympic Committee, has a Gender Committee. And after this 32-year-old biological male provided medical documentation demonstrating a lower testosterone level for three years, the committee gave him approval to play on the women’s team in an event in Hawaii.

Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality, calls the decision “lunacy” and “nonsense.”

LaBarbera, Peter“Men are different from women. God made them differently,” he reiterates. “So it’s just preposterous that we’re throwing them in to compete with women because of this transgender ideology which pretends that you can become the opposite sex.”

He argues that this ideology comes out of homosexual activist ideology, “which declares that unequal things are supposedly equal when they’re not. It’s anti-biological, it’s anti-DNA, and its anti-women,” LaBarbera insists.

In this specific case, LaBarbera points out that this biological male is a large person “who’s gender-confused, who’s going to have a decided advantage in women’s volleyball obviously from size alone, not to mention his muscle strength and everything else.”

The biological male plans on trying out for the women’s volleyball team in 2020 Olympics.

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