Our Nation Under God

Join Dr. Duke each week for “Our Nation Under God,” a new kind of talk program that combines issue based commentary and an unabashed embrace of our country’s Judeo-Christian heritage.


Freedom Project Education has opened enrollment for the 2013-2014 academic year.  Rooted firmly in Judeo-Christian values, FPE’s live, online school offers a classical education for students from Kindergarten through High School, an education similar to that received by America’s Founding Fathers, promoting liberty, citizenship, and independent thinking.

Elementary students, from kindergarten through fifth grade, are offered complete grade packages and have a structured list of required classes, while Middle and High School students have the option of taking individual classes or participating in our complete, year-round program.

Basics such as Math, English, History, and Science are included, but FPE students also delve into subjects like Latin, Logic, The Bible, and Economics, classes that are essential to the development of independent thinkers and leaders.

Another great facet of FPE is that we don’t hide our costs. We’re proud that we refuse to accept any government funding and are still able to keep our prices low.

img2A full-years tuition for Kindergarten through High School is just $1600.  In addition, Middle and High School students have the option of enrolling in individual, year-long classes priced at $350 dollars and semester classes at $175.

In order to provide and maintain the very best technology available, FPE assesses a $100 Technology Fee per student per year. This fee goes directly to the annual purchases associated with computer teaching and student platforms.

FreedomProject Education also offers the ability to pay tuition in one payment, or two-payments split into fall and spring, with no additional fees.

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