Jackson City Council Votes to Steal Education Dollars to Save its own ARSE

Jackson City Council voted in a special meeting this morning at the Jackson City Hall to rescind a public referendum from 1992 to pass funds collected from a special options sales tax to Madison County to be spent on education. In doing this the city created a precedent of ignoring the direct wishes of the citizens of the city by passing this proposition. As usual the dog and pony show was directed as a sales speech going to the lowest end of lowest advertising with a block demonstration of JEA’s Steve Bowers blaming the county for the reason this action occurred.

The council members attending this morning’s meeting included Dr. Pepper Bray, Councilman Brooks, Councilman Buchanan, Councilman Conger, Councilman Dodd, Councilman Rahm (nay), Dr. Foote (abstain), Councilman Wallace. Councilman Cisco was not present due to illness. Leading and directing the flow we have usually never present Mayor Jerry Gist.

As a side saute we have purportedly legal mind of Lewis Cobb who is Mayor Gist’s attorney.

Councilman Wallace is the first to address the public and introduces Mr. Cobb who attempts to give his description of what happened, historically, in regards to the city and county school systems during the 70’s and 80’s and in the development of school consolidation. His accuracy tends to fade a little as to what occurs when and why but we will skip that for now.

Mr. Cobb during his presentation and in order to convince the public in attendance that since there was no contractual agreement between the city and the county in regards to these funds that the city could end the agreement at any time. He then attempted to bring up former Mayor of Nashville and now a private attorney Bill Purcell of Nashville stating that Mr. Purcell was of the same conclusion that the city could close this agreement without action by the public. Typically in court of law, the use of Mr. Purcell as testimony would be tossed since he was not present nor the Mr. Cobb present in comments in writing.

What Mr. Cobb failed to tell council that this issue has been to court before and the city failed to convince the court the contractual agreements between two bodies stand above state law which directs the special option tax in the first place.

All of this was to hide the fact that the city was in desperate need of funding brought on by mismanagement by both the Mayor and council.

More will be coming in during the week on this subject.




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