Is the Issue Really School Funding?

Yesterday, the Jackson City Council in a split vote moved to cease the movement of funds directed to education via a special options tax and instead move those funds to the general fund. This is monumental because those that have done before have never survived the court battle and could possibly lose the funding completely.

Tom Bohs posted an article yesterday on his blog following the vote yesterday. His issue, like so many that lean left, spews about the issue of fairness. Is everyone getting their fair share? Is someone else more? My cup is not nearly as full as the other person! I want more!

Generally this might not be such a bad thing in the exercise of free enterprise, but we are entering dangerous territory when you play with government because there is no end to our wants when someone else is funding it.

Any way I responded to Tom’s blog since only one other person did.

I love you dearly Tom, but you are sticking your head in the sand. Fairness has nothing to do with this issue neither does education and how Madison County spends its money or the money it provides to the school system. This is all about the city mayor and the city council and its inability to do what government doesn’t do well. Manage its money. The city is in debt over its nose ($104 million) and actually exceeded its legal limit of debt as set by council, its reserves that started at 18 million has dwindled and may soon be none existent.

To misdirect the public as to the real damage of council’s inactivity is the real crime; but that is an opinion.

What may truly be a crime is the use of funds from a special options tax voted on by the public where a percentage of that tax was specifically directed toward education and moving those funds to general use. This is not county ordinances or city ordinances directed but is directed by the state and unless that change was made overnight it is still the law.

The city will end up in court and they will lose. They stepped over the line and we will pay the price for it.

Now I am angry…. I am angry because of the deceit that my tax dollars have funded, I am angry because whatever trust (which was limited) that I had in city’s government is lost. I would have preferred that the council come out and say we are incompetent asses and we can not manage the cities expenditures. For that I could have forgiven them, as a former councilman I had already done so… I would welcome them into the flock. I would tell them I understood, now we go to work.

But this media lie that council put together to hide their inaptness, that really bothers me, but I know that it is human nature to protect oneself but is worth trading their honor and faith for. I think that is somewhat a poor trade but look at whom we are dealing with (sorry, poor comment).

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