It’s all a just a “vast right wing conspiracy”…that is until it’s not …His Name was Seth Rich UPDATED


I first posted this Friday while I was at work. God had a message for me when I got to work today…so I am passing it on… Seth Rich did not die in vain…the wicked we have seen strong? And spreading himself like a green bay tree?

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Psalms 37: 35 – 36

I have seen the wicked strong, and spreading himself like a green bay tree.

Yet he passed away, and lo, he was gone, and I sought him, but he could not be found.

Are we at the precipice of the Deep State’s House of Cards being brought down by the heaviness of the toxic corruption that would murder a 27 year old patriot to keep their ruse going?

It only takes one card to bring the House down….is that card Seth Rich?

It’s looking more and more like it. Let me explain….

First they ignore you, then they ridicule you, then they fight you, then you win….Ghandi

That is their playbook going as far back as I can remember except they would win….and it used to work. Remember when Bill Clinton said “I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Ms. Lewsinsky” ? And with Hillary’s line..”the great story here for anybody willing to find it and write about it and explain it is this vast right wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced for president” …that was all the media needed to ignore the outcry of Republicans who were crying foul and since it wasn’t a Republican, all they had to do was ignore the story.

That is until the truth smacks you in the face with a blue dress….You don’t need a link for that because we all know Drudge posted that story, not the main stream media, and the rest was history. We all know what happened after that. The left/ media went into overdrive mocking the right as puritanical cretins who never have sex. Then they switched gears and fought like the dogs they are. And then they lost. They may not have seen their loss of moral authority at the time but Bill’s legacy will always be the blue dress/Lewinsky and even worse….“Bill Clinton is a Rapist”.

Then we had more recently during the election the issue of Hillary’s health which several people on the right started noticing, and some not on the right like Dr. Drew (who coincidentally lost his show after expressing his opinion on Hillary’s health), that every where Hillary went she needed something to lean on(Hillarys Stools), seemed to always have a handler(Doctor) with her everywhere she goes and seemed to have a frequent never ending cough. Mike Cernovich and Paul Joseph Watson were some of the most influential people who reported on this.

The media ignored this as long as they could. Then they began mocking and ridiculing anyone talking about this as conspiracy theorists and by asking the question “Can We Just Stop Talking About Hillary’s Health now” ? That article appeared on Sept. 6. Five days later at the 9/11 memorial Hillary Clinton completely passed out and collapsed into her van. Shifting gears once again the left/media start fighting now that divine intervention won’t let them just ignore/ridicule this. They start going after the messengers of truth. They fight against anyone who reports the truth…

November 8th we win.  Still thanking God for this one….

That’s just 2 of the more major examples of this losing strategy. There are tons more…perhaps I will write about some more of those in the future. For now…you can see the pattern.

Big story is out there underneath the ‘MSM’ radar. It’s a true story that will hurt the democrats so,
begin losing strategy…

  • Ignore….until you are brought to covering it kicking and screaming
  • Ridicule/Mock….those who report the truth.  Ridicule the ludicrousness of the charge, how preposterous it is
  • Fight….don’t report on the truth of the matter, go after the messenger, do hit pieces to try and discredit them
  • Lose….bigly….because this playbook only works in a world without the internet. Social media is the great equalizer, cherish and fight to keep this as long as you can.

Now enter he who shall not be named by the left/media for almost a year after his death….HIS NAME WAS SETH RICH

Same pattern

Seth Rich.

There is too much information regarding this story to post here but please do your own research. This could be the card that brings down D.C.’s House of Cards.

Seth Rich was an IT staffer for the DNC who was murdered last July. (Did I mention that he was a Bernie supporter? Seems kind of important)  Julian Assange has hinted that Seth Rich was his source for the DNC leaks. He even offered a reward for the capture of his murderers. Kim Dotcom has come out and said he knows Seth was the leaker because he was involved. Sean Hannity was going to do a segment on his show about it this week.

If Seth Rich is the leaker, the whole Russian narrative that they interfered in our elections comes crashing down. This is everything to them and all they have left. If the truth about Seth Rich gets out, their House of Cards falls so you can see how this might be a something the left desperately wants to quash.

So here we go again….

  • ​Ignore….Seth was killed last July. It was briefly mentioned at the time by the MSM but described as just another homicide in D.C. The new right has been shouting out from the rooftops some serious questions surrounding his mysterious murder….the msm has been quiet for months…until now when an investigator hired by the family comes around and starts asking questions we would all like to know the answers to.
  • Ridicule/Mock….Now that light is being shined on his murder the left shifts gears and starts mocking the ridiculous idea that Seth’s murder could be anything other than typical D.C. crime.
  • Fight….Now that mocking.ridiculing isn’t working they are going after the messengers…the media is in an all hands on deck mode….check out the onslaught below
  1. The bonkers Seth Rich conspiracy theory, explained
  2. We’re Seth Rich’s parents. Stop politicizing our son’s murder.
  3. The Demented Detectives on Seth Rich’s Case
  4. These are Sean Hannity’s advertisers Media Matters has a campaign to get Sean fired from FOX…will they be successful? Did you think Bill O’Reily would ever be fired?
  5. Donna Brazille tweeted this gem this today ….How the murder of a DNC staffer turned into a right-wing conspiracy….awwww the good old fall back…”vast right wing conspiracy”…there nothing if not consistent right?

All of the above links are fake news. I’m not going to waste time refuting them but surely you don’t believe Seth’s family would want people to stop asking questions about Seth’s murder so that it can be solved?

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