Kathy Griffin cut her own throat but blames the Trumps.

Kathy Griffin is the classic example of what happens to those who fail to THINK before doing something –  then when they get caught they blame those they attacked.  Funny how it is almost always the Libs – the DIMS  – like Hillary – those females who refuse to admit they are in the wrong –  it is always someone else’s fault for what they do.  That says to me that they are mindless idiots – no ability to THINK BEFORE THEY ACT.  On some web page this morning I saw another photo of this Kathy Griffin holding up another  beheaded head –  it was her own.  I can’t remember what page it was on and a search hasn’t brought it up either.  That was the “Picture says a thousand words”  portrayal.  Kathy Griffin cut off her own head and is holding it up for all to see….  while blaming the Trump family.

She, along with Hillary, are way past being placed in those long sleeved white coats with locks at the end of the sleeves and placed in small rooms with no windows so they can’t hurt themselves or others.

Jackie Juntti
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Kathy Griffin Press Conference with Attorney Lisa Bloom…

Kathy Griffin holds a press conference in California to claim she has been horribly victimized by President Trump and the first family.  Additionally Griffin is claiming a group of “old white men” are trying to destroy her career and she is enduring bullying.

There are several emotional moments where Ms. Griffin breaks down crying as she recounts the strong possibility that her career is financially ruined, and claims 11-year-old Barron Trump is being used as a weapon against her.

There are also snippets of the press conference below.


Kathy Griffin Gets Axed From Every Scheduled Performance Venue…

After appearing with high profile attorney Lisa Bloom to claim her victimhood status the last remaining venue, Uptown Theatre in Napa California, has now cancelled Kathy Griffin’s show.

According to TMZ: Kathy Griffin’s offensive against Donald Trump Friday apparently fell on deaf ears … because the only remaining venue that would allow her to perform has just pulled the plug.


Politics might be downstream from pop culture; but pop culture is downstream from economics.   By stating her intention to target the 11-year-old son of President Donald Trump for her attacks, Kathy Griffin has made herself a dangerously toxic financial risk.

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