According to some we have been here for some time: Researchers say oldest Homo sapiens fossils found in Morocco

A team of anthropologists, paleontologists, and evolutionary scientists have found 300,000-year-old bones from “early anatomically modern” humans in a cave in Morocco — making them about 100,000 years older than the oldest Homo sapiens bones found previously, according to two papers published Wednesday in the journal Nature. These newly discovered human ancestors have some primitive traits, but would not appear out of place in a modern crowd, said one of the study’s authors, Jean-Jacques Hublin of the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany. Quarry workers discovered the bone site in the 1960s, but the find was overshadowed by other human fossils found in Ethiopia, Kenya, and Tanzania, until the search in the Jebel Irhoud area resumed in earnest in 2004.

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