So most of you saw former FBI Director James Comey testify about his conversations with President Trump, and how he felt uncomfortable being alone with Trump without witnesses and how he felt pressured to drop the FBI investigation into General Michael Flynn.

But the biggest revelation today was Comey admitting he leaked a memo he wrote, alleging Trump tried to pressure him about the Flynn investigation to a close friend who is a professor at Columbia University.  My question is this:  Why did Comey, who had already been fired by President Trump, choose to surreptitiously leak the memo instead of holding a news conference?  Doesn’t this revelation suggest Comey had leaked other information to the press in exactly the same way?

We also learned that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch had instructed Comey, her direct subordinate, to refer to the Hillary Clinton investigation as a, “matter”, rather than an investigation, and that Comey did exactly that!  We learned that former Attorney General Lynch also refused to provide a Grand Jury to hear evidence in the investigation into Hillary Clinton, thereby directly obstructing justice in that case.  In view of the fact Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac of an airport in Arizona while the Hillary investigation was ongoing, and that both Lynch and Bill Clinton intended that, “chance”, meeting to be secret, certainly suggests a continued effort to obstruct justice.

Predictably, questions are now arising about the Fast & Furious investigation, where guns were freely given to Mexican drug cartels, directly resulting in the death of a Border Patrol Agent by one of those guns, and the IRS investigation where the IRS was used by the Obama Administration to prevent Conservative political action committees from getting the necessary IRS approval to operate.  Did Attorney General Loretta Lynch also refuse to provide Grand Juries in those two cases as well?  I’ll bet she did, and that is why nothing whatsoever came from them.

James Comey has utterly destroyed his own credibility.  He has proved by his own words he was a puppet of Loretta Lynch and the Obama Administration, and he has raised solid suspicions that he has used the same Columbia College professor to leak other information intended to damage Donald Trump and his agenda.  Is that college professor a solid Liberal?

A solid and for once, credible investigation by the Sessions Justice Department into that college professor’s computer and other communications with news organizations is now called for, and I cannot wait to see where it leads.

Carl F. Worden

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