Now that we know for certain that President Trump was never under investigation by the FBI for alleged collusion with Russian operatives to throw the election, and that many Representatives and Senators had told the corrupt media that, I rest my case that CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post intentionally misled Democrat voters to believe the exact opposite and would continue to do so had former FBI Director James Comey not revealed that fact today in a highly publicized Senate hearing.

As I’ve written previously, the Dems never dreamed Hillary Clinton would, or even could, lose the election.  The Dems had stacked the deck against Trump with the corrupt media, they had stacked the deck against Trump in the debates, they out-spent Trump by more than double, they had a massive ground game going, and based on the old political wisdom, there was no possible way Hillary could lose.

But she did.  During the build-up to the election, the Dems were so confident of their victory, they lost sight of the fact they were engaging in illegal and deceitful practices that could only be exposed if the impossible happened — but it did — and one of the pitfalls that first befell the Dems was outrage felt by big Democrat donors who promised not to pay another dime to the Dems unless and until major changes were made.  Hence, the Dems chose as their strategy a massive corrupt media campaign to falsely accuse Trump’s people of colluding with the Russians as the real reason Hillary lost.  They also began accusing the Trump campaign of doing just about everything rotten that the Democrat Party had already done.  Finally, in a vain attempt to thwart Trump from prosecuting Hillary and the Obama Administration for their past criminal deeds, the Dems made sure they had packed Trump’s White House and administration with Democrat insiders before relinquishing the presidency.

One of those insiders was obviously James Comey, and when he was fired, the Dems went berserk because they knew those prosecutions were far more likely if Comey was gone.

But the primary reason I wrote this warning — and it is just that — is that I strongly suspect Assistant Attorney General Rod Rosenstein is also a deep Democrat mole trying to undermine President Trump.

This might surprise some of you.  After all, wasn’t it Rosenstein who wrote the memo to President Trump suggesting James Comey be fired as Director of the FBI?  The short answer is yes, but the real answer is that Rosenstein already knew Trump was planning to fire Comey anyway, so Rod Rosenstein accommodated the Comey firing in order to solidify Trump’s trust in him.  But what gives away Rosenstein as a Democrat mole was his choice for Special Counsel, Robert Mueller.

Robert Mueller is as close to Comey, both professionally and personally, as any bosom-buddy could ever be, and it was no secret in Washington DC, so why-oh-why would Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein overlook that obvious fact when vetting and subsequently appointing Mueller as Special Counsel for the Russia investigation unless Robert Mueller was a set-up to further the effort to de-legitimatize our president?  The answer is more than obvious!

I think you’ll now agree that Attorney General Jeff Sessions needs to fire Rod Rosenstein immediately.

Carl F. Worden

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