Congress is Senile – A Clear and Present Danger to America

From The MidSouth Sentinel 

Yesterday at the Comey Hearing  John McCain seemed a bit confused to say the least…

Sen. John McCain startled onlookers on Thursday as he appeared to conflate the ongoing investigation into Russian meddling in the campaign with the closed probe into Hillary Clinton’s private email server.

Johnnie boy was not happy with how his performance revealed his senility,

Jack Posobiec had this scoop this morning… Scoop: McCain Furious at Staff for Exposing His Senility at Comey Hearing

Now here comes the haughty Pelosi questioning President Trump’s mental health when unbeknownst to her, she was demonstrating her own problems with mental health. Do we serve a just God or what?…

MOMENTS AFTER QUESTIONING TRUMP’S MENTAL HEALTH, PELOSI HAS SENIOR MOMENT(S)Shortly after calling into question President Trump’s mental health on MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe,’ House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s own mental health came under scrutiny, as the 77-year-old California congresswoman referred to President Trump as “President Bush” and forgot what day of the week it is.

A reporter quickly helped her correct the gaffe, interjecting “Trump,” but Pelosi appeared oblivious she slipped up.

Isn’t it about time we start talking about when to take the keys away from Grandma and Grandpa? It’s not just these two senators. Does anyone remember Thad Cochran? The senile senator the GOPe spent 11 million dollars to defeat the much younger Chris McDaniel?

I saw Thad Cochran with my own eyes and I will never forget it. He could barely walk and barely talk. Has anyone seen or heard anything from him lately? He may be speaking at events but I can tell you he ain’t speaking for very long….

It’s high time we start addressing the problem of mental health/dementia/Alzheimer’s in Congress. After all these Seersuckers are passing laws they don’t have to live under. If they aren’t coherent, shouldn’t they be forcibly removed from office just like you would forcibly remove Grandpa’s keys to protect him from hurting himself and/or the public?

Congress is a clear and present danger to the Americans they are reigning over with their incoherent policies and votes.  Time to take their keys away.

Time is of the essence and they are way past their prime….

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