Macron’s party dominates in first round of parliamentary elections

French President Emmanuel Macron’s year-old party, France on the Move, and its centrist ally, MoDem, rolled over the country’s traditional Socialist and conservative parties in the first round of parliamentary elections on Sunday, setting itself up to win a projected three-quarters of the seats in the lower house after the second round next week. Macron’s allies won 31.9 percent in the first round, compared to 18.9 percent for The Republicans and allied center-right Union of Democrats and Independents, while the far-right National Front won 13.8 percent and the Socialists just 7.5 percent. Macron’s alliance is promising to clean up French politics and boost the economy by easing business regulations. “France is back,” Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said. “Next Sunday, the National Assembly will embody the new face of our republic.”

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