These are the facts:

1:  James Comey testified that he illegally leaked the contents of one of his memos through a friend professor at Columbia University for publication by the New York Times.  He stated under oath that he did so to force the appointment of a Special Prosecutor who was already lined up to take that position by Comey and Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein

2:  The very day after the New York Times published the Comey memo, which alleged an attempt by President Trump to obstruct justice, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein appointed Comey close friend and colleague Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 election.

3:  At last Thursday’s Senate Hearing, James Comey admitted publicly for the very first time, that President Trump was not and never was the target if an FBI investigation.

Now Trump has exactly two ways to handle this development.  He can sit back and wait, while Robert Mueller builds a fake case against him like Comey tried to do, or; Trump could fire Mueller immediately and take the heat for it now, well before the 2018 mid term election.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions unwisely recused himself from any involvement in the so-called, Russia Investigation.  This left Obama holdover Rod Rosenstein to make the decision to appoint a Special Counsel, and he picked the one person on the entire eligible list who is a close friend of fired FBI Director Comey.

Therefore we can count on Mueller to:

1:  Continue to cast doubt on President Trump like Comey did when he refused to publicly acknowledge that President Trump was never an FBI target.

2:  Protect Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, Susan Rice, Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Bill Clinton, IRS Commissioner Koskinen, Lois Lerner, former AG Eric Holder and any other Obama holdovers, including Obama himself, from investigation, let alone prosecution.

This alternative, redundant plan had been in place in case Comey was fired in order to continue to dog Trump and his Cabinet from achieving Trump’s agenda.  It was set up to continue to protect the truly guilty and cast false doubt on Trump’s character.

Clearly, Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein is NOT a Trump supporter, because if he was he’d never have appointed someone so obviously biased for Comey and against Trump, so Rosenstein made sure all the roadblocks were still in place after Comey was gone.

The downside to firing Mueller is purely political and will result in false accusations that Trump is trying to stop the investigation to cover up his alleged complicity with Russia, but what difference will it make?  If Mueller stays in place it will come back to haunt Trump as a certainty, but firing Mueller immediately will allow enough time for the fake Democrat outrage to mellow before the 2018 mid terms.

I think like Trump, and if it was my decision, I’d get rid of Mueller immediately and have AG Sessions fire Rosenstein immediately afterward for his obvious complicity with the never-Trumpers.  If Trump doesn’t, he will rue the decision not to because it will allow Mueller and his so-called investigation to continue to hamper Trump all the way through the 2018 mid terms. Therefore, Trump should fire Mueller and his crew immediately and take the short-term heat he’ll be sure to get long-term if he does not fire Mueller.

The Dems have miscalculated that Trump is afraid to fire Mueller.  I say they’re wrong.

Carl F. Worden

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