Tales of Tyranny: Misti Chastain


Too often, people expand government power but forget those whose lives are affected by overbroad regulations and expanded bureaucracy. Here at the Freedom Foundation, we put a face on the effects of policy.

One example is the story of Misti Chastain.  Misti, who lives near Washington’s capitol city of Olympia, had a lifelong dream of having a horse ranch.  When her dream came true, she decided to give back to the community by inviting special needs children out for horse back rides and time on her ranch.

Unfortunately, her generosity was met headlong with a wall of government beauracracy and she ended up spending months of her time fighting with state and local officials over trumped up accusations. Things got so bad with the government, Misti was forced to put down some of her prized horses to comply with their demands. Finally, she’d had enough and, with the help of the Freedom Foundation and some of her friends, Misti challenged government officials’ accusations.

And she won. Her story and the many others like them are the reason we work to stand up for the people of Washington state.

To allow the Freedom Foundation to continue standing up for people like Misti, and if you think Misti’s story can help open people’s eyes to the danger of big government, please support their work.

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