The Gestapo is alive and well in the American government

By DOUG THOMPSON – Capitol Hill Blue

Sadly, this should be America's flag now

Sadly, this should be America’s flag now

It’s official:  America today is no better than Nazi Germany.  It’s no different than Soviet Russia was during the height of communism.  The so-called land of the free and home of the brave is now the nation of spied upon where the government collects private data on any an all Americans under the guise of fighting terrorism.

How did this happen?  With a despotic piece of legislation called the USA Patriot Act, a rights-robbing law passed in the aftermath of 9/11.  Most of the shell-shocked members of Congress voted for the Patriot Act without reading the law.  The few who did voted against it but those who actually knew what the law did to the freedoms of our nation were few and far between.

Created by a bible-thumping, over-reactionary Attorney General John Ashcroft, with the help of other questionable Republicans like James Sesenbrenner, the Patriot Act treated everybody as a “person of interest” and opened the floodgates for government intrusion into the lives of ordinary citizens who have nothing to do with terrorism and imposed no threats to our nation.

The Patriot Act allowed U.S. citizens to be arrested and held without safeguards to our freedoms and even permitted them to be shipped overseas to nations that practiced torture in interrogation.

The law allowed President George W. Bush to free American agents to snoop into private lives without court orders, to obtain information on millions without safeguards to privacy and turned the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Homeland Security Agency into Gestapo-like organizations.

Barack Obama campaigned against the abuses of the Patriot Act but — once President — he actually increased the abuses of the law and, under his watch, the power of the National Security Agency and other government abusers of power and personal privacy.

The NSA now has data on every phone call made by customer of Verizon Wireless and other mobile phone carriers.  Member of Facebook?  Now everything you’ve posted is in the data banks of the NSA center in Maryland.

The government, under the abusive powers of another rights-robbing program called the Total Information Awareness system, looks at the financial and travel records of all Americans — not just foreign citizens suspected of terrorism.  Congress thought it killed the TIA but Bush just allowed it to be moved into the secretive area of Pentagon “black bag” operations.  They also changed the name but the abuses continue.

The invasion of privacy is not limited to Republicans or Democrats. The abuses started under Bush but expanded under Obama and now the administration in power is doing what it does best — lying through its teeth to try and justify widespread abuse of power and ignorance of freedoms that used to be sacred in America.

Welcome to Nazi America, land of the oppressed and home of the cowards.

Reprinted with permission from Capitol Hill Blue

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