Beth Harwell rolls out then apparently hides propaganda campaign on her support of the 2nd Amendment

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Beth Harwell has been the Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives for the last 7 years. During that time, Tennessee has had a Republican governor and a Republican super majority in the Legislature. Anything remotely “republican” should have been easily enacted into law years ago.

During that time about 10 other states including Maine and Rhode Island have adopted constitution carry laws.

During that time, other states were removing gun free zones on legal gun owners.

During that time, other states are reducing or eliminating requirements for permits, fees and background checks on law abiding citizens’ rights under the 2nd Amendment protections.

During that time, Tennessee has fallen further and further behind other states when it comes to the major issues regarding the 2nd Amendment protected rights of citizens.


It has been no secret that Beth Harwell thinks she is the right person for governor in 2018.  The question is whether most Tennesseans agree or suffer from the same delusional fantasy.

On June 22, Beth Harwell posted a video on her Facebook page saying “Tennessee Supports the 2nd Amendment”.   It has an image of what appears to be a man with a shotgun hunting. We all know that the 2nd Amendment is about deer or duck hunting, right?  But it appears from Harwell’s propaganda that is what Speaker Harwell believes.

Notice, also that the Harwell propaganda says “Tennessee Supports” — which is likely true.  It does not say that “Beth Harwell Supports the 2nd Amendment” because, well, that would for the most part be misleading if not measurably false given her conduct, or lack thereof, over the last 7 years in the opinions of some.

If Beth Harwell does not truly support the belief that the 2nd Amendment prohibits infringements on the 2nd Amendment — something that most Tennesseans believe – how can she be governor or even the Speaker of the House absent deception?

Further, if you go search her Facebook timeline today, June 29, you probably will not find the 2nd Amendment post on her public page in the date range of June 22, 2017 – it appears to have been hidden.  The reason may be the blistering comments that it was receiving from others.

So let’s go back to assertion that Tennessee, or more specifically, it’s Legislature supports the 2nd Amendment.  Certainly some, like another gubernatorial candidate, Sen. Mae Beavers, actually do.  There are many more but the goal here is not to catalogue those who honor their oaths or those who have violated them to aid the Speaker’s or the Governor’s agendas.

Under Beth Harwell’s leadership – a leadership which helped meaningfully to force a massive gas tax increase on Tennesseans and a leadership which has helped raise the state’s budget by roughly $10 billion dollars in 7 years – what has the Legislature done – or not done – relative to the 2nd Amendment?

The answer is that there is no credible reason to believe that Beth Harwell’s oligarchical leadership has done anything to meaningfully improve the 2nd Amendment issue in TN in the last 7 years.

She has put chairman after chairman in positions to kill 2nd Amendment legislation – repeatedly.

She has done NOTHING to help get bills like constitutional carry, permitless open carry, elimination of TICS fees, campus carry, elimination of gun free zones, improving the firearm freedom act, removing state oversight of 501(c)(4)’s freedom of speech, removing our 2nd Amendment rights from being treated as “defenses” to criminal charges, restricting the abuses by the Department of Safety, restoring rights of non-violent criminals once their full sentences have been served and once a court of law has “fully restored” their civil rights, and enforcing the 10th Amendment against federal abuses of constitutional rights even to the floor of the House for a debate – much less passage.

Again, she has clearly helped to massively expand the state budget and to pass the largest tax increase in recent history on Tennessee families but she can’t even lift a finger to force constitutional carry or these other 2nd Amendment issues just to the floor for a fair vote and a debate?

Why is she intent on disenfranchising most Tennesseans by keeping these issues from open discussions and debates involving all elected legislators?  Why does she prefer to have a small set of trusted operatives do her dirty work?

If she is claiming that things have improved on her watch, that would only be true if George Soros and/or Mayor Bloomberg were setting the agenda …. oh wait, her master, Bill Haslam was part of Bloomberg’s mayor’s against guns agenda wasn’t he…

Truth Matters. If she intended with this Facebook post or similar “pro 2nd Amendment” pronouncements to even remotely suggest that she personally has worked diligently for the 2nd Amendment, then her veracity is a campaign issue.  If she has a problem being honest with Tennessee families, then can she even have the gall to beg for the votes of these Tennesseans.

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John Harris
Executive Director
Tennessee Firearms Association

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