Jackson City Council July 11th Meeting, the budget agreement

The Jackson City Council’s Tuesday meeting will include the city’s annual budget as well as revenues that it hopes to collect during the next year. This meeting also includes the agreement between the city and the county on the distribution of sales tax funds that the city recently purloined by redefining an agreement and a voters referendum made by the city council and the county over 28 years ago.

During last month’s June 6th meeting no record was keep on the votes.

On the motion of Councilmember Brooks, seconded by Councilmember Conger, and a vote of 8 yes and 1 no, approval was given to the Budget Amendment request for Jackson Ballpark Capital in the amount of $54,380.67

There being no one present to speak in opposition to or in support of the passage of the ordinance, Mayor Gist declared the public hearing closed and the ordinance was approved with 8 voting yes and I abstaining.

The Jackson City Council meet on June 20th as well where the budget committee did not make a formal recommendation to approve
the budget presented before the City Council by the Mayor. The budget was approved by council.

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