Watch President Trump retrieve a Marine’s cover

There is nothing that so endears us more than when we see the simple acts of compassion performed by those in positions that would need to do so normally. The President saw the need to aid a soldier, it was a simple act and the President moved to help. There will be many that will make fun of the President, that will make some sort of joke about this, but in reality most of us will know that we saw something special that we rarely see in men these days.

What did President Donald Trump do? He retrieved a Marine’s cover that had blown off while he boarded Marine One at Joint Base Andrews on Saturday.

According to ABC News, Trump had just returned from attending the G-20 Summit in Germany aboard Air Force One when he came across the Marine’s cover. Trump picked up the cover, placed it on the Marine’s head and patted his arm. Unfortunately, it was immediately blown off again. The president chased it down and gave it to another service member before boarding.

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