Menu Is All Greek to Some

A restaurant in St. Louis, Missouri, is being sued by a customer who is claiming his gyro salad led to near-catastrophic injuries.

According to news reports, Phillip “Gus” Wagner is suing Michael’s Bar & Grill after he claims the restaurant served him a salad with gluten based on inaccurate information from a server who said it was gluten-free. Wagner’s lawsuit charges, among other things, that the gluten in the dish left him with “injuries to the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, internal organs, respiratory system and body as a whole … [and] that he has sustained loss of a normal life.”

The restaurant counters that it has a special gluten-free menu, which includes a different salad option, and that all of the servers are aware the gluten-free menu exists and that the gyro salad is not on it. “Nobody remembers a customer asking about the gyro salad, and all of them knew the right answer right away,” said the restaurant’s general manager, Katina Malliotakis. “We have plenty of gluten-free options if people ask for that.”


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