Whipping Up a New Lawsuit

Celebrity Iron Chef Bobby Flay is suing New Jersey furniture maker Jamie Stern Designs claiming a sectional sofa he purchased did not meet his standards.

According to news reports, Flay stated that the leather sofa is “deficient and not suitable for use” because it is “intolerably uncomfortable to sit on for any extended period of time.” When Flay’s numerous complaints and requests for repair or reimbursement went unanswered, Flay sued. The lawsuit further alleges that Stern breached its agreement with Flay by “manufacturing and delivering a Sofa that was unsuitable for use.”

In his five-page complaint, Flay is seeking $19,046.35 in damages, plus “such other and further relief as to this court appears just and proper together with the costs and disbursements of this proceeding.”

—Source: bravotv.com

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