An Essay on the New Right

From the MidSouth Sentinel 

Vaclav Havel 

The necessity of continually hiding behind and relating to ritual means that even the more enlightened members of the power structure are often obsessed with ideology. They are never able to plunge straight to the bottom of naked reality, and they always confuse it, in the final analysis, with ideological pseudoreality.

It can be said, therefore, that ideology, as that instrument of internal communication which assures the power structure of inner cohesion is, in the post-totalitarian system, some thing that transcends the physical aspects of power, something that dominates it to a considerable degree and, therefore, tends to assure its continuity as well. It is one of the pillars of the system’s external stability. This pillar, however, is built on a very unstable foundation. It is built on lies. It works only as long as people are willing to live within the lie.

Enter the New Right who is not willing to live within the lie.

Enter the New Right….not to be confused with the Old Right.

Vaclav Havel was a former dissident and Czech writer who was the President of the Czech Republic from 1993 to 2003. Written in 1978 this essay was part of a larger volume of essays written on the topic of freedom and power.

While it was written for what Havel termed a “post-totalitarian system”, I couldn’t help but realize the many profound truths written in this essay that can easily be written for modern day America. I will ignore the irony of that profundity….for now.

The purpose of this essay is to give meaning to what the New Right is and is not and why it matters….in my humble opinion.

For decades politics has operated in an automated cycle of ritualistic traditions.

  • Party over principles
  • Seniority over quality
  • Money buys elections
  • MSM makes/breaks candidates
  • Winner serves power structure

The Old Right comfortably existed in living those lies. Spouting off their ideology from their elitist platforms in the main stream media albeit sometimes very eloquently…as if their ideology ever conserved one ounce of freedom.

The Old Right hid behind the facade of a media that seemed more powerful than it actually was. Selling their books, ranting on talk radio, speaking at events to people also “living the lie”.

The Old Right prides itself on the elitist belief that you’re worth is in your resume, your elite college degree means you are an intellectual, your polite manners and ettiquite elevates you above the common man and means you are worthy of representing your county whether it be as a talking head or an elected official or an appointed bureaucrat.

The Old Right lives in a bubble of protection the common man has never experienced.Like Hollywood celebrities, only uglier, they are removed from the realities of the common man while at the same time thinking they can better represent and speak for the common man.

The Old Right is history.

The New Right is the future.

The New Right is no longer willing to live the lie and is now, as we speak, living the truth.

The New Right understands ideology is not the means to an end and that a system of ideas is only as good as the people fighting behind them to reinforce them. George Washington ….”Deeds, not words.”

The New Right understands that dying on your hill of principles will conserve nothing but your grave which is 6 feet under. What would America look like without men like Samuel Adams and Paul Revere who weren’t the great and eloquent writers that Thomas Jefferson and John Adams were? That’s a rhetorical question…moving on.

​The New Right understands the power of social media Trumps the power of the dinosaur media and the money it costs to utilize dinosaur media. The great equalizer that is the internet has leveled the playing field and the New Right knows there are some twitter accounts like Mike Cernovich, Jack Posobiec, Alex Jones, and Paul Joseph Watson who reach more people than dinosaur media could ever dream of. This IS why most main stream talking heads don’t post their stats. It would be the final nail in their metaphorical coffin.

The New Right knows a resume is just a creation of fake news. You don’t need a resume or a degree to report the truth. We understand you don’t need all of the approved credentials from the approved universities or the approval of the “right” people to run for office and win. This is probably the biggest thing the Old Right and dinosaur media doesn’t understand. They continue to underestimate us at their own peril and try to minimize us by calling us trolls and Alt Right. This will not end well for them…thank goodness.

The New Right understands, like Andrew Breitbart said “War”. We are at war and will act accordingly. We will not continue living the by the rules of polite society that have brought us to a world where we have umpteen something genders and Shakespearean plays that stab President Trump to death.

The New Right is no longer willing to live the lie and pretend all is well in the pseudoreality our elites have created for us. Desperate times calls for desperate actions. The Old Right is not comfortable with this. The New Right doesn’t care….we are at war.

I will sum this up with another quote from Havel…

If the main pillar of the system is living a lie, then it is not surprising that the fundamental threat to it is living the truth. This is why it must be suppressed more severely than anything else. Vaclav Havel’s The Power of the Powerless 

​The New Right, while in it’s beginning stages is transforming politics before our very eyes while the Old Right gently weeps….

Dedicated to the 1st member of the New Right who was willing to live the truth…..Andrew Breitbart

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