The Brave New World of Demokratika

By Rolf Yungclas   /   Canadian Free Press

Democratika – the nation formerly called the United States after the Left has deposed all political forces from power who believe that the America that came into being 241 years ago represents a good force in the world and has a rich heritage that needs to be preserved and built upon.

The political movement I call Demokratika had a plan for the 2016 Presidential campaign that I will call Plan A:

  1. Defeat a Republican that had no chance of winning.
  2. Continue Obama’s Fundamental Transformation.
  3. Destroy any remaining evidence of criminal wrongdoing by Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration.
  4. Continue to pack the government with people who hate our American heritage and are willing to abandon the Constitutional process in order to establish Demokratika.

While the above did not happen, the cause of Demokratika continued on to Plan B and America needs to keep up the fight politically to see that Demokratika never comes into being.

We got a big taste last year of what Demokratika would be like when we saw the imposition of the FT (Fundamental Transformation) Gender Identification agenda. Most people had no idea what was going on and why it was necessary. But the Department of Education and the Justice Department mandated a national policy that would require that people of one sex would have to accept into their restrooms and locker rooms people with the genitalia of the opposite sex who think they are not really that sex.

As we found out, only people who aren’t brainwashed to dogmatically accept everything FT that comes down the pike were outraged. Accept without ever even having a previous thought about the concept of it that your daughters now have to deal with male genitalia being potentially exposed to them in a restroom or locker room?

Meet the not-so-new world of a central committee of Party elites meeting in secret then issuing far-reaching decrees that everyone has to immediately obey. So much for the democratic process of a Constitutional republic.

Whatever the intent of directive, as in all social engineering projects it’s an experimental process – except the nation is the laboratory and all its citizens are the lab rats. Any unintended (or intended!) consequences must be accepted because society has to “evolve” and all “archaic” thinking must be immediately abandoned for the greater good.

Here we had a small unknown group of people determining whose research is the ultimate authority on this particular social engineering project then declaring it a “consensus view” among sociologists and politicians. Next, unelected bureaucrats determine how the project is to be implemented, then appointed officials announce it as a federal policy to be absolutely followed or dire consequences will come to the violators.

In this particular project, North Carolina was the first to face the consequences of disobedience. The Governor and the state legislature took a stand against the directive and the faithful of Demokratika went to work to shame them and boycott them. No gray area here, they violated the directive and must be shunned.

The people voting Donald J. Trump as President took care of Plan A and defeated Hillary Clinton on November 8, Election Day.

But Plan B was implemented on November 9: criminalize the defeat of Hillary Clinton.

Step 1 was to do everything possible to stop him from being inaugurated. That effort didn’t even come close to working.

On to Step 2: try to get him removed from office while making it as difficult as possible for the executive branch to function and the Trump agenda to be implemented.

Most of us would at worst see the Donald Trump, Jr. meeting with a Russian lawyer as a mistake on his part, knowing what we know about it now.

Demokratika, however, has stirred up its faithful to go after Donald Jr. and the President. Their propaganda has been released to get many of them to go so far as to believe the falsehood that all the accumulated accusations are part of an attempt by another nation to overthrow our government. It’s treason, they say!

While the accusations of collusion and obstruction of justice have been debunked over and over again, to Demokratika those lies are simply additional facts added to the list of why they think it’s an illegitimate presidency.

Now we wait for the time bomb of the Special Counsel investigation of…well, something or other…to explode. While the stated purpose is to investigate what Russia did to interfere with the election, the assumed purpose is to GET TRUMP!

With the Special Counsel’s office now resembling the Democrats’ National Committee legal team, we can only expect the worst. Perhaps they could appoint Valerie Jarrett as chief propagandist of the Get Trump team.

One can hope that the reason the Special Counsel’s office has had minimal leaks of confidential information is because they don’t have anything that the New York Times and the Washington Post can use as anti-Trump propaganda.

But it appears they are bringing in attorneys who would be predisposed to bringing charges against co-conspirators in the imaginary Russian attempt to “overthrow” Demokratika’s pick to be the next President.

While Demokratika was defeated on November 8, be prepared for a fight that may have only just begun.

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