Labor and employment roundup

By Walter Olson 

Chicago and Cook County paid sick leave ordinances spell “major headaches” for employers [Kimberly Ross and Craig Thorstenson, Ford Harrison]

“DoL Withdraws Joint Employer Guidance” [Kim Slowey/ ConstructionDiveCatherine Strauss and Tami Earnhart, earlier here, etc.]

How South Dakota came to deregulate hair braiding [John Hult, Sioux Falls Argus-Leader]

Emmanuel Macron has big plans, very much including reform of France’s deeply un-libertarian labor law [Sylvain Cypel, New York Review of Books]

State of play at NLRB on employees’ taping things: “You can still limit recordings in your workplace, as long as you don’t ban all recordings outright.” [Janette Levey Frisch]

Over business protests, NYC’s left-leaning council and mayor keep enacting union-backed burdens on employers [Connor Wolfearlier; related hereherehere, etc.]

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