The Jackson City Council August 1st Meeting

The Jackson City Council will meet August 1st, 2017 to once again see how they might shaft the wealthy taxpayer into financially supporting their cause of fascism and better entertain the masses.

On the agenda will be a request to close and abandon a portion of Cedar Street, running between McCowat Street and Talbot Street, submitted by Richard Barber, TAMB of Jackson, Tennessee, Inc. TAMB has acquired a majority of the properties on both sides.

Another item on the agenda will be a Recommendation from Jackson Downtown Development Corporation for changes to downtown parking policy. The changes were not included in the packet.

One really good thing… Approval of Proposed Sale of City-Owned Surplus Property/Land Located at 410 Orleans Alley, Map 0781-Group H-Parcel 23, to Mrs. Kathi Leatherwood for $600. We only wish they might sale everything else.

Dr. Lake gets to provide her city funded property construction work update to council…. this is over and above Rabies control and a part of the Humane Society.

The Democrats get their appointments to various boards.

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