The Election Draws Nigh

By Hugh McInnish

Time waits for no man, and here in Alabama an event is rushing unbridled upon us. The testy Donald Trump, having drafted our Senator Jeff Sessions into his cabinet, thus leaving Jeffs seat empty, we loyal citizens are called to march resolutely to the polls in just one week, on Tuesday August 15, to vote for Senator Sessions replacement. This will be the Republican and Democratic primaries, with the runoff to follow six weeks later on 26 September if no candidate gets a majority, the latter being highly unlikely because of the massive herd of candidates. There are eight Democratic candidates and ten Republican.

But Alabama, for so long a lamentable one-party, Democratic state, has passed through a short bipartisan period, into a veritable one-party state once againthis time as Republican. Therefore, for better or for worse, the Democratic primary is largely a moot affair. A share of the seasonal sound and fury may attend it, but nothing more.

The outcome in the Republican primary is quite another thing. It will be tantamount to election. And, moreover, its outcome is much more than an interest within the state. The Republican majority in the Senate is razor thin, and the person we send to Washington to represent our state must be, not just a Republican, not one of the John McCain or Lindsey Graham sort, but one with the most solid of conservative credentials. There is more than one good man from which to choose. I want, however, to recommend to you a man who I believe stands at the forefront of those with courage to defend the Constitution and our traditional, patriotic way of life, especially that way of life as we live it here in the South.

I recommend that we vote for JUDGE ROY S. MOORE FOR THE U. S. SENATE!

Some hearing this may issue cries of outrage. None will be louder than the shrieks out of the mouths of lawyers across the state, especially those holding political office. And this, of course, is simply affirmation of the correctness of this choice. This affirmation will have nothing less than the weight of the Imprimatur of a Pope.

Oh! But hes such a radical! will be the refrain from the Establishment. Perhaps you will permit me a brief diversion on that word radical. It is a word bequeathed to us by the Romans, and it means root, as of a tree, or as a figurative expression, fundamental or basic. Through use, it has come to denote a person who is far apart from the general population, one who advocates things strikingly different from the usual.

But is a radical necessarily bad? Hitler was a radical and he was bad, the very incarnation of Evil itself. On the other hand, George Washington was a radicalhe committed treason against the lawful government under which he lived. Yet Washington, the Father of Our Country, was good. Indeed he stands as the first in our pantheon of American heroes. So radical without further qualification is a flaccid accusation.

Now, few will doubt that Moore fits the definition of radical. He stands far apart from the general population, especially those in the Establishment, and the things he advocates are not of the usual. But is he good or is he bad?

I argue that he is good, in fact one of the best, exactly a man that these parlous times call for. Any who are not radicals should be summarily dismissed from consideration. Of course not just any radical will do, but no non-radical will do at all. Stated differently, radicalism is a necessary, but not a sufficient, condition for making the choice.

Is it my imagination, or do I hear faint strains of La Marseille wafting in from somewhere out there in the ether:

Aux armes citoyens!

Formez vos betaillons!

Marchons, marchons!

To Arms Citizens

Form your battalions!

March, march!

There is, I think, a point here: We are at what is perhaps a singular point in our history, as the French were in1789. We need not fear the guillotine, but we do need to fear the reticence of those among us. This is no time for milquetoast. With the election of Donald Trump, does that not crumble to rubble the Bastille of the old fossilized politicians? And now there is a window, a window of unknown width, in which strong actions are possible and are called for. What does Trumps election signal other than that the people are tired of all the old ways? Do we not hear their outcry: I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore! The opportunity is now! We need to march, march!

Judge Moore is among the most ardent supporters of constitutional law. I was once with him alone in his office discussing a point of constitutional law, and he reached into his coat pocket and withdrew a hand-size copy of the Constitution. It was a dog-eared, frayed, and faded little copy, but Moore used it to buttress his point. He didnt quote from one of those hoary tomes in the law library, but straight from the constitution itself. A fundamentalist? Yes! A radical? Yes! A man for the United States Senate? Absolutely!

Rush with vigor to your polling place on the 15th and mark your ballot for Judge Moore!

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