Ken Gross Files the Paper Work to run for The U. S. House, District 2 position of Tennessee


(Photo: Tennessee Republican Party’s State Executive Committee)

While John Duncan Jr. has not stated he will run again for the United States House of Representatives, the wolves are out for the position. Rep. Duncan has served Tennessee well and as our most conservative of Representatives has relied on the Constitution as his guide. Those opposing him are mere shadows and really not worthy to hold the position. If it were up to us… we would try to convince him to stay.

Tyler Whetstone, USA TODAY NETWORK – Tennessee

Knoxville politico and former Donald Trump delegate Ken Gross filed paperwork to run for the soon to be open 2nd Congressional seat Wednesday becoming the fourth Republican to announce plans to run for the seat in 2018.

In a phone interview Thursday afternoon, Gross said he wants to use the president’s slogan but tweaked: Make Congress Great Again.

“Because there’s too many divisions in the Republican (party),” he said. “We need to pull together and need to put statesmen back into politics and not get career politicians.”

He said he thinks his association with Trump is a positive thing in the district.

“I think the president is doing an outstanding job … we just need the Congress to start moving forward and be willing to move forward,” he said.

Gross said he is not an independently wealthy man and said he plans to run a “shoe-string budget” that relies on grassroots efforts to get him elected. He said Duncan has left “pretty good shoes to fill” in Washington and he hopes to model his constituent service off of how Duncan operates.

Gross represents Knox County on the GOP’s State Executive Committee. He said he also served as a 2012 delegate for presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

He works at Ameresco in Knoxville.

Gross joins GOP candidates Knox County Mayor Tim BurchettState Rep. Jimmy Matlock and Knoxville businessman Brad FullingtonDemocrat Joshua Williams is also running for the seat.

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