Does the Pentagon Have Spineless Wonders, or Men?

by Adam Grey  /  Faith and Heritage

What exactly could be more emasculating than cutting off one’s genitalia in order to “become” a woman? Pray tell, what about such a horrific decision would demonstrate strength, intelligence, and good judgment? Last of all, why would you want such a weak link to be in your nation’s defense chain?

When President Donald Trump announced his decision July 26 to ban transvestites from openly holding positions in the U.S. armed forces, it was received by the elites as if he had just banned America and apple pie. In reality, it was as if he had looked up at a sunny sky and said, “The sun is bright.” There is no such thing as a transsexual, only people who have terrible mental and emotional problems that they associate with their bodies and sexuality. With the exception of the rare genetic defect of hermaphroditism and similar conditions, this planet of approximately 7 billion human souls consists only of men and women.

When Trump rejected the idea that such people displaying poor judgment and inner instability ought to be entrusted with the nation’s defense, he was acting as a good protector of his nation and of the troops who have for years now been forced to train and fight alongside these special snowflakes. Note that the countries that have allowed cross-dressers in their ranks are all post-Christian or Jewish, i.e. they’re all degenerates, and nobody fears them.

The job of the generals and admirals at the Pentagon is to protect the American nation, and to inspire fear in the hearts of those who wish to harm Americans. Pretty simple. I’ve written previously about how it seemed that a secretary of defense steeped in ancient warfare and Stoic philosophy would be the right guy for such a job.

Nearly a week later, we’re all still waiting to hear a crisp, “Yes, Mr. President” from former U.S. Marine Corps four-star Gen. James Mattis, now our secretary of defense. Mattis will be responsible for implementing Trump’s trans ban and will have to lobby for any needed policy changes on Capitol Hill. He will have to oversee the policy changes that each branch of the military will need to draft and put into action. He will have to smack down intransient active duty officers like U.S. Coast Guard Commandant Adm. Paul Zukunft, who disobey the orders of their constitutionally-elected, civilian commander-in-chief.  And Mattis will have to be Trump’s point man before the press by combating the leftist-inspired “resistance” offered by pensioned former generals and admirals.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Joseph Dunford, said July 27 that the Pentagon was waiting on more specific instructions from Trump and would not make any policy moves until it got them.

To be honest, that’s inexcusable coming from a general. In combat, you live or die based on your aggressive implementation of orders often given in part, in a hurry, and ignorant of the total situation. That’s why troops are instructed to follow their commander’s intent. It’s not something the troops have to divine from tea leaves; it’s the bottom line of the orders they receive and can be adapted to any situation as things change. It’s just particularly succinct and to the point.

The commander’s intent describes the desired end state. It is a concise expression of the purpose of the operation and must be understood two echelons below the issuing commander. . . It is the single unifying focus for all subordinate elements. It is not a summary of the concept of the operation. Its purpose is to focus subordinates on the desired end state. Its utility is to focus subordinates on what has to be accomplished in order to achieve success, even when the plan and concept of operations no longer apply, and to discipline their efforts toward that end.

Source: FM 100-5, 14 June 1993

Did Trump’s July 26 tweets convey his desired end state? Yes. What is his desired end state? Zero transgender individuals serving in the U.S. armed forces, in any capacity. Pretty simple. It was so simple and so clear that not one liberal media outlet misunderstood what he meant and the threat it posed to their pet project of transforming the American people into a bunch of weak, pansified degenerates.

You’ve got your marching orders, Mr. Secretary and Mr. Chairman. Move out!

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