Awhile back I wrote that we can expect a Kent State-style event to occur, and it has in Charlottsville today.

Ever since President Trump announced his candidacy, his supporters have suffered being spat upon, pepper-sprayed and beaten while the police in San Jose, CA, Berkeley, Ca and other locales simply looked on.  That in itself will lead to the aforementioned victims arming themselves for the next event, and it often results in an overwhelming overreaction the moment anyone on the other side attempts violence or even threatens such violence — and that is what happened today.

The white supremacists who showed up in Charlottsville today came prepared to deal with that kind of behavior, and because the CPD took no steps to keep the groups separated, violence ensued, costing the lives (so far) of one 32 year-old woman and two police officers who crashed in their helicopter.

I don’t support white supremacy and I have no use for their bastardized Christian religion called, “Christian Identity”.  It’s nothing but a fat, racist lie, and if you truly support the Constitution and Bill of Rights, you know all people in this nation are legally and morally equal.

I also take no position at this time of assigning blame to either group until a thorough investigation is completed.  What I DO know for a fact is that these professional protesters being brought in to counter the white supremacy rally often wear masks to conceal their identity — an act that should be criminalized if it’s not already.  Such miscreants have repeatedly demonstrated their willingness to cause property damage and physical damage to those they disagree with.

In one news photo, you can see a black man using a spray container as a flame thrower against a white supremacist.  I have no idea if his action was defensive or offensive, but we all know these professional protesters were the first to use violence against Trump supporters.

So I’m going to sit back and wait for the results of the investigation to learn who started the melee, and reserve judgment.


Carl F. Worden

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